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Queues to be activated only when needed

  • 1.  Queues to be activated only when needed

    Posted 10-17-2023 14:29


    I am trying to figure out how to proceed with this customer who wants to have their agents assigned to additional/secondary queues which their agents can activate/deactivate thorough the agent's interface when needed. These agents have primary queues, related to calls they normally answer daily, but also they would like them to be able to activate themselves to work on these "secondary queues", which would be already assigned to them but not active under normal circumstances.

    What would be the impact of that on the WFM scheduling? When we look at the Planning Groups we see all those agents who would not normally take those calls showing under agents, but they would only take those calls when needed by demand. What is the best workaround here? Remove those "secondary queues" from the agent's profiles and only assign them when needed?



    #ActivateQueues #scheduling


    Debora Gomes
    Miratech, Inc

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