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  • 1.  Reporting External from Genesys Cloud

    Posted 03-01-2024 05:02

    Hi All,

    We have a recent requirement to visualize data outside of Genesys Cloud. Inorder to  expedite this request, I would first of all like to brainstorm the ideas and look for suggestions. Currently, if the data visualization in Genesys if not compatible with our current root cause analysis and we need a better way to visualize the data on our own, the ways to move forward would be.

    • Export the raw data via conversation APIs as JSON and aggregate it on our own to visualize in another application (qlick, powerBI or SAP BO).
    • Integrate external applications directly to pull the data for visualization (not sure if thats possible or as easy as it sounds)
    • Create an integration with AWS S3 for event bridge.
    • Create a SQL DB from the JSON data.
    • Integrate with third party applications (obviously but my least preffered).

    The question is which of the above options might be less cumbersome and if there are any other methods to accompish this in a simpler way. 

    Appreciate any ideas.


    Ram Prashanth Muralikrishnan

  • 2.  RE: Reporting External from Genesys Cloud

    Posted 03-04-2024 08:00

    Hi Ram,

    You might also want to look at scheduled exports. Information is, of course, more limited than full JSON data. But it's fairly easy to pick up an export file of interactions, including participant data, and store it in an SQL DB.

    Karel Van de Velde
    DDM Consulting NV

  • 3.  RE: Reporting External from Genesys Cloud

    Posted 03-15-2024 09:56

    thanks a lot karel ! I was able to establish something similar

    Ram Prashanth Muralikrishnan

  • 4.  RE: Reporting External from Genesys Cloud

    Posted 03-04-2024 09:57

    Hello Ram!

    We have a few different options depending on your needs.

    All options have their pros and cons.  Static link exports is going to be the most simple, but you will give you the least flexibility since you're limited in terms of the capabilities of the UI.  EventBridge is the most scalable design and can deliver the data in near realtime, but will require the most technical investment to engineer your own solution to stream data into a 3rd party tool.  Partners from AppFoundary will deliver the most plug and play solution, but will require the most up front costs to pay for their integrations.

    Ryan Legner
    Staff Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

  • 5.  RE: Reporting External from Genesys Cloud

    Posted 03-15-2024 09:57

    thanks a lot for the input Ryan. the static links sparked a way for me to get it done. Appreciate the inputs,

    Ram Prashanth Muralikrishnan

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