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  • 1.  Service level defined

    Posted 07-10-2023 10:33

    Hello everyone,

    Is there a difference between the service level defined when the queues are created and the service goal tempalte defined in #WFM / Configuration / Service level templates ?

    In #WFM, if we create a plannings group with the right combinations (queues, skills, languages) and we define a #service goal template (e.g. 80% 20 seconds) that is different from the one defined in the queues (e.g. 90% 60%), what priority does Genesys take between these two objectives to calculate the requirements in terms of people?

    Thank for your response.



    #Genesys Multicloud CX cloud

    Mamadou DIOP

  • 2.  RE: Service level defined

    Posted 07-10-2023 16:59

    Service level target is a contact center performance statistic expressed as "X percent of contacts answered in Y seconds." For example, a goal of answering 80% of voice calls within 20 seconds provides a service level target of 80/20. 

    and the 

    Service goal templates are simple templates that you can set up to describe your organization's Service goals, used to Forecast. In this particular option, you can use more than one queue to use aggregated and put, for example:
    queue 1 + queue 2 =  can have  90/10  of service level 
    even if any separate queue has services levels different.

    more details you can find at :

    David Betoni
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Service level defined

    Posted 07-11-2023 05:45

    Thank you David

    Mamadou DIOP

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