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  • 1.  Status Changes

    Posted 11-28-2022 11:27
    While the agent is on queue or in lunch/break Purecloud changes him automatically to available. What would cause that, and solutions for troubleshooting?

    David Harring
    SimpliSafe, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 11-28-2022 20:17
    There is not an automated change mechanism in Genesys Cloud.  It has to be a supervisor or the user changing the status unless they are on-queue and they don't take a call, then they go off-queue and go into not responding.   Now, if they are on-queue and take themselves off-queue, it will revert back to their previous status.  There are ideas to allow automatic status changes based on agent schedules, but that is not in development yet.  

    If you want to investigate, gather the console log around the time they have the change happen.  Sometimes it can be due to multiple instances being run at the same time.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 3.  RE: Status Changes

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 11-28-2022 21:20
    Something else that we found was the case here, is power saving modes on the device.
    If the connections is dropped to the edge, when it re-connects it puts the agent in the available state.

    So we found a few hidden power saving settings that needed some pokery in registry to enable, to ensure the devices are not sleeping the network adapters to save power when the device is locked which in any other case would be a feature.

    Anton Vroon

  • 4.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 11-30-2022 09:41
    We have found the same thing, that this is because of the sleep timer in the computer, but it definitely is not happening by Supervisor intervention or because of a missed call.

    Judith Jimenez
    CURE Auto Insurance

  • 5.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 12-01-2022 08:44
    This has happened to our team for years, in fact have a nurse that it happened to last night while on her meal break. We think that a quick internet blip might the main cause of it. Additionally, if specific steps are not followed, we find that an agent will randomly be logged in during the middle of the night! We have very specific directions for how to go to breaks, meals, etc which significantly decreased the occurrence. 

    Our detailed steps:

    Steps for changing ALL statuses but for simplicity only listing breaks/meals here (This includes meetings, training, etc)

    #1 Log In as 'available'

    #2 Go 'on queue'

    #3 When going to break or meal

    • Go to 'available'
    • Then go to 'break/meal'

    #4 When coming back from break/meal

    • Go to 'available'
    • Then go back 'on queue'

    #5 When logging out for the day

    • Go to 'available'
    • Then 'log out'

    Cherri Lindquist
    Clinical Director of Nursing
    Company Nurse, LLC

  • 6.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 01-25-2023 12:31
    I reported previously that this happens in our organization as well, this week, when the status is being changed it changed to Available for 1 second, then On Queue for 1 second.  Then it is forces the agent into Not Responding because they miss the call.   See all of the changes in such a short period of time.   ??
    First report is the User Detail Report.  Second report is the Agent Status report and that is showign that the report is actually showing the agent in the same status, which is not correct.   

    The issue is that I use this report to pay my vendor and I take their ACD time subtract the Not Responding time and pay them for that time.    Is she is on Meal, that is already accounted for and I will not be paying them correctly.

    1/23/23 2:54:42 PM 1/23/23 3:12:44 PM Meal Meal 00:18:01
    1/23/23 3:12:44 PM 1/23/23 3:12:44 PM Available Available 00:00:01
    1/23/23 3:12:44 PM 1/23/23 3:12:45 PM On Queue On Queue 00:00:01
    1/23/23 3:12:45 PM 1/23/23 3:12:48 PM Available Available 00:00:03
    1/23/23 3:12:48 PM 1/23/23 3:12:59 PM Offline Offline 00:00:11
    1/23/23 3:12:59 PM 1/23/23 3:13:01 PM Available Available 00:00:02
    1/23/23 3:13:01 PM 1/23/23 3:13:28 PM Meal Meal 00:00:27
    1/23/23 3:13:28 PM 1/23/23 3:13:28 PM Available Available 00:00:00
    1/23/23 3:13:28 PM 1/23/23 3:56:49 PM Offline Offline 00:43:21
    1/23/23 3:56:49 PM   On Queue On Queue  

    Agent Status report:
    1/23/2023 14:30 1/23/2023 15:00 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:24:42.590  00:00:28.283  00:05:15.790  00:05:17.410          00:05:17.410  00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 15:00 1/23/2023 15:30 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:13:17.238  00:00:00.983  00:00:19.347  00:13:08.041  00:13:16.255  00:00:05.643        00:13:10.612  00:13:27.388
    1/23/2023 15:30 1/23/2023 16:00 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:03:10.326  00:03:10.326  00:00:18.234                00:03:10.308
    1/23/2023 16:00 1/23/2023 16:30 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:30:00.000  00:04:39.086                00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 16:30 1/23/2023 17:00 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:30:00.000  00:00:15.158                00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 17:00 1/23/2023 17:30 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:30:00.000  00:00:17.969                00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 17:30 1/23/2023 18:00 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:16:03.259  00:04:50.601    00:13:56.741        00:13:56.741    00:16:38.729
    1/23/2023 18:00 1/23/2023 18:30 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:30:00.000  00:00:59.512                00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 18:30 1/23/2023 19:00 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:30:00.000  00:30:00.000                  00:30:00.000
    1/23/2023 19:00 1/23/2023 19:30 WAY - Klarissa Aguirre  00:14:54.340  00:13:36.210  00:00:15.692  00:00:27.791  00:01:18.130        00:01:18.130    00:15:30.600
    Does anyone have any additional information on this?  Or are you experiencing the same issue?

    Judy Jimenez, Call Center Operations Manager
    CURE Auto Insurance

  • 7.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 03-06-2024 13:20

    Hi Anton - Can you share what those hidden power settings are? We are having the same issue and we've changed all the available power options with no luck. 


    Carlos Alonso
    Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

  • 8.  RE: Status Changes

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 03-06-2024 15:30

    Hi Carlos,


    There are some advanced settings that are hidden and require a registry change

    In reg that is 


    Set the DWORD attribute to 2

    Now when you go to power settings under Sleep will be a an item called System Unattended Sleep Timeout, change this value to be greater than the time of the typical break/lunch that staff take.

    Here is some links describing the steps in detail.

    We then created a group policy to apply these changes to all our contact center staff, current and future.

    You might not want to apply this to all staff in the organization, as remember this is a benefit for anyone else, conserving power when it isn't needed. Just for us in the contact center that power conservation means the network connection stops which then means the connection to the edges stops, which then means agent goes offline, and when they reconnect it puts them available. 

    Anton Vroon

  • 9.  RE: Status Changes

    Posted 03-06-2024 16:57

    Thanks! this is very helpful.  I'm working with my engineering team to deploy a similar policy for our org.  

    Thanks again,


    Carlos Alonso
    Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

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