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  • 1.  Time-Off requests with status Failed

    Posted 10-24-2023 19:24
    Edited by Debora Gomes 10-24-2023 19:35


    We have the HRIS integration configured and it's working fine as long as we don't select the counts against time-off limits option.

    On the page below, we can see that Jury Duty and Time Off activity code types are being automatically approved, the Jury Duty checks for balances with HRIS and has the rule to always be auto-approved, and Time Off has no integration with HRIS and is it has the count against time off limits option selected, they are both being auto-approved automatically just fine. Now the Paid Time Off, is failing and it has HRIS balances being checked and the count against time off limits option selected/approve according to time-off limits, so it seems like the problem is happening only when we have this option enabled + HRIS.



    #TimeOff #timeofflimits #TimeOffRequest


    Debora Gomes
    Miratech, Inc

  • 2.  RE: Time-Off requests with status Failed

    Posted 10-25-2023 09:46

    Hi Debora,

    I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I just tested a time off plan with time off limits set up and it synced with HRIS. I'm curious if there is something wrong with the Paid Time Off code. Have you tried setting limits for Jury Duty to see if that works? Or, does Paid Time Off work if you don't have the limits set?

    Damaris Scott
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Time-Off requests with status Failed

    Posted 10-25-2023 13:21

    We don't use the HRIS integration but is there any kind of mapping between the Activity Code Name and the HRIS system? Just curious if maybe Time Off and Paid Time Off are both trying to sync to the same bucket in HRIS or vice versa. 

    Brad Goff
    Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

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