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  • 1.  Timezone

    Posted 06-09-2023 09:26


    I am using an outbound campaign, in preview mode. 

    In the calling list result, there is a field "AcllRecordLastAttempt", in which we can get the time of the last attempt.

    This time seems to be in GMT timezone, although it is not our timezone.

    Is it possible to modify the default timzone in order that we can get the real call time?

    I found another question in this forum, opened by someone who had the same problem :

    The answer was ": There is no such default at the moment unfortunately. But can see a use for it. I will add it to our wish list."

    But this post is from more than 6 years (2017).

    Has anything been done since that time?

    I tried to update the post, but no answer... :-(


    #OutboundCampaign #TimeZone #AutomaticTimeZoneMapping 


    Catherine DUPIRE

  • 2.  RE: Timezone

    Posted 06-09-2023 13:13

    I answered ;-)

    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

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