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Trivia has started and WEM is taking over Week 3

  • 1.  Trivia has started and WEM is taking over Week 3

    Posted 06-02-2022 16:55
    Hello WEM Gurus, Admins, Philosophers, Gamifiers, and more,

    We are having a Summer Trivia event this month and the first set of questions are now live! Test your knowledge of Casual and Genesys Trivia in our 
    Trivia Tower Community. This is just the first of four weeks and Week 3 is going to feature WEM questions! So get points on the board before it's your time to truly shine.

    Stumped by a question or two? You may be able to find some helpful hints and prize info in the Trivia Tower's rules and other sites/links, but not Google. What does Google know?

    Just a reminder that for this first week, you have until Monday June 6th @1pm EST to get your answers in. A new series of questions will be available next Thursday (June 9th @12pm EST).

    I won't always post updates in this community, so join the Trivia Tower Community and/or Genesys Casual to never miss a challenge as we play trivia during the month of June.​

    Have fun, good luck, and thanks for playing!


    Matt ​

    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

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