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  • 1.  Web Messaging for Internal Use

    Posted 09-26-2023 13:14

    This question is directed to anyone who uses web messaging as a tool for internal departments to ask questions to each other?  Do you have to have the web message imbedded in a web page or is there a way to initiate the web message directly from Genesys?  In this example everyone is a Genesys user so I hate for the person asking the question to have to go out of Genesys to a separate web page to ask their question. 

    #Digitalchannels  #Implementation


    Tonya Keith
    Simmons Bank

  • 2.  RE: Web Messaging for Internal Use

    Posted 09-26-2023 16:40

    There's the built-in chat feature which is Async and can do individual or group. Similar to tools like Slack. You can use the directory to search for a person based on attributes you store (like hobbies, product specialties, sports played, teams supported, languages spoken etc.) and then initiate a chat.

    Would that do what you need?

    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

  • 3.  RE: Web Messaging for Internal Use
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    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 09-26-2023 23:18

    Hey mate, 

    We do this in our org. Basically, you'll need to have this embedded in a web page, but then you can take that web page and use the integrations to add it to the widgets section on the left side

    See below 

    Lawrence Drayton
    Prvidr Pty Ltd

  • 4.  RE: Web Messaging for Internal Use

    Posted 09-27-2023 10:31

    That is what I was looking for.  Thanks for your help!

    Tonya Keith
    Simmons Bank

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