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  • 1.  WFM and Outbound

    Posted 08-31-2020 16:55
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    If you are using WFM and Outbound, we sure would like to hear from you!!! We are interested learning more about what outcomes you'd like to solve for when forecasting and scheduling outbound interactions.  Please provide your feedback here in terms of problems you'd like solved, desired outcomes, use cases, etc.

    #Genesys Cloud

    Michele Fisher
    Genesys - Employees
    Director, Product Management

  • 2.  RE: WFM and Outbound

    Posted 09-03-2020 03:24
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    From my point of view (and knowledge about Genesys Cloud WFM) in this stage you can not forecast & schedule on outbound interactions. You need to integrate the outbound campaigns with WFM. Or otherwise it must be possible to create a 'project' where you can put in the total amount of hours (you would need for a project, which in this case is outbound) and a AHT. Then the system will calculate how many people you need and schedule them (the one who have a 'project-skill' on a good time-slot. In their workplans are shifts for only inbound and/or inbound combined with project (outbound).

    Anouk van Gaalen
    KPN B.V.

  • 3.  RE: WFM and Outbound

    Posted 09-04-2020 12:03
    Edited by Tracy Vickers 08-17-2021 06:25
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    For me, I'd want to be ensuring I have enough employees available for forecasted (or current known) list volumes. BUT, really, I want those agents to be scheduled at the best times in terms of connection and right party contact rates so being able to schedule the optimum number of staff at the best times without just 'wasting' them when we're unlikely to get through to the person we need to speak to

    Craig Farley
    IP Integration

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