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You can "bet" we have a Prop Bets winner!

  • 1.  You can "bet" we have a Prop Bets winner!

    Posted 02-14-2023 12:42
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 03-02-2023 11:37

    Last Sunday, snacks were eaten, touchdowns were made, and a football team winner was announced! But we still have one more winner that gets MVP-style treatment. But before I reveal the all-star player, let's review the rules and then the answers to the "Prop Bets" challenge! 

    Prop Bets were posted on the Genesys Trivia Tower page. Whomever got the most bets correctly would win a Prize Wall item! After you all placed your bets, we watched the Big Game to see the outcomes: 

    1. The national anthem as sung by Chris Stapleton clocked in at 2 minutes and 1 second, so the people who chose "under "121.5" seconds banked on that one.

    2. The coin-toss to kick-off the game was tails. 

    3. The first commercial after kick-off was a food commercial. 

    4. There was a touchdown scored in the first 6-minutes of game play. 

    5. The first team to score that touchdown was the Philadelphia Eagles.

    6. The first commercial after the half-time show was food again. 

    7. Rihanna sang under 9.5 songs at the halftime show. 

    8. The game did not go into overtime. 

    9. The total points at the end of the game was over 50 points. 

    10. There were 60 commercials (according to DraftKings) that aired during the game, making the answer 55-65.

    11. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback) was the MVP of the game. 

    12. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Big Game.=

    After calculating all the odds, there were some players who were "3 and short" because they didn't answer the bonus question for those extra three points. So that makes the winner of this game...

    @Brent Powers

    Congratulations! You've won an item of your choice from the Prize Wall! I'll be in touch with a form for you to fill out. 

    Feeling like the game's "water boy" because you didn't win? Don't worry! You can nominate (or be nominated) for our Community Rockstar program. Also, make sure you've joined the Trivia Tower and Genesys Casual Communities so you never miss an upcoming contest. 

    See you on the next one :)


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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