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Discussion Thread 3
Script for Outbound Calls

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Discussion Thread 6
Predictive Slowdown

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PureCloud Q&A Show - Episode 11

PureCloud Q&A Show - Episode 11 Questions: Pop-up screen number format change (w/ walkthrough) - 1:28 Introduction: Q&A Bounty Board - 7:20 Outbound Caller ID for Communicate - 8:17 Is it possible to force agent to only make ACD calls? - 10:50 ...

See PureCloud in Action: Reach out to your customers

If a customer is calling your business, they’re probably already frustrated. This puts your agents in a tough spot. They have to both solve the issue and manage an irritated customer. Put simply, agents spend their days fighting an uphill battle. Outbound lets you flip the script. It changes...

 10-31-2019 | 14:00 - 15:00 ET

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