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Take the Community Debut Challenge, Earn a Badge! 

04-11-2023 13:57

It's time to make your community debut with a four-task challenge! This premiere party is just for you, so get ready to learn the basics of how to use the Genesys Community right here. And if you crush all four tasks (as we know you will) a shiny, new badge will be yours to display on your profile. 

Got stage fright? Don't worry! The videos below will guide you through the whole Debut Challenge so your break-out performance in the Genesys community will be a success.

Before You Begin, You Must Sign Up Or Sign In. Here's How: 

 0. Sign In: Here are some helpful links:
*Customer and Partner Registration
* Reset Password
* Sign In


The Community Debut Challenge Tasks Start Here:

 1. Setup your profile: Upload your profile pic, fill out the biography section, and complete the work & education history fields so your account is more personalized. Watch the video to learn how to setup your community profile. 

2. Join at least two communities: Get in there and get involved! Whether you're looking for new product features, expert answers to questions, or fun ways to win big rewards, the Genesys community has it all. Peruse our many community pages and join at least two that catch your eye. You can pick how often (or not) you get email digests when you join, so you'll never miss an update. Watch the video to learn how to join communities.

3. Introduce yourself (reply to a post): It's time to say, "hello" in the Welcome Community. Reply to this post and tell us about yourself ie., where do you come from? What are your interests? What do you hope to learn in the community? Any topic is up for grabs as long as we learn a little something about you. Watch the video to learn how to reply to a discussion post or thread.

4. Create a new post: *Make sure you first join the community you wish to post in or you won't be able to! The Genesys Community is all about generating conversation. It's here to connect members with common interests and connect people with like-minded goals and experiences. It doesn't matter which community you create a new post in, just try it out and you're one step closer to earning that new badge. The video below will show you how to create a new thread and also how to edit it.


You did it! Your community debut is complete. That shiny, new badge is yours to show-off on your profile. We're so glad you've joined us in the Genesys community where a variety of answers, resources, and great members can be found. We'll see you around! 

*For Brownie Points: 
Why not take the challenge one step further and start making connections? Matt and Nicole (your community team) would love to jump on a quick "Meet-N-Greet" call to say hello and shoot the breeze. If this interests you, register for the Meet-N-Greet and we'll schedule a time to have a fun chat over Zoom!

P.s. Have any questions about the challenge tasks or questions in general? We've got your back. Reach out to us with a Welcome Community post or e-mail us at genesyscommunity@genesys.com and we'll help you out! 

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08-23-2023 10:42

Hi @Sajid Abbas

We have a new Trivia Tower event coming up next week! Please play and you'll be able to earn your Community Debut badge! You can read about it here. 

08-12-2023 22:01

Hi@Sajid Abbas! We just finished up a trivia event last week, but keep your eyes on that community and also join the Genesys casual community, which will announce new contests. We have them pretty regularly, and when you participate in one, it will count toward your badge! 

08-12-2023 20:13

Hello there, I am unable to perform step 5 because in the trivia tower community I don't see any competition right now as shown in the video. 

04-21-2023 09:46

Hey @Ashiesh Sharma -  make sure you've joined the community! You can't post if you haven't joined the Welcome Community. (And you must be signed in as well). 

Double check those two things and if you still can't post, let me know.

04-21-2023 02:21

I do not see a "Reply" button on the "Introduction" post. Is it because it's over now? Is it over?

04-20-2023 10:29

Hey @Jason Mock Nicole and I just checked and made sure that you have the badge! Thanks for asking. Cheers!

04-19-2023 15:58

Hey @Jason Mock Did you see this contest? Participate and it will count! You just need to participate in any event or contest for this to count :) Hope that helps!

04-19-2023 14:23

Recursion alert! one of the steps of the "Take the Community Debut Challenge" is to Participate in an event , but one of the events is to Take the Community Debut Challenge!
How will we know when we've met the goals, or what we're still missing?

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