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  • 1.  In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 08-30-2022 17:00
    Hey everyone,

    I'm attempting to use an In-Queue Email flow to apply skills to the email messages.  An initial inbound flow routes the email to a queue, and that queue has the In-Queue Flow set to the flow which assigns skills based on the contents of the email.  However, the In-Queue flow does not seem to be triggering until the interaction gets assigned to an agent.  The emails will sit in the queue, no skill, no changes, but as soon as the email is assigned to an agent or the agent "claims" the email the In-Queue Flow runs and the skills are applied.  

    Why doesn't the In-Queue Email flow trigger when the email interaction arrives in the queue?

    Trey Miller

  • 2.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 09-06-2022 20:15
    Again, another one that was answered in the AMA, but not online - shame on those Joes!

    As mentioned, your in-queue flow will not trigger if there are idle agents.  Also, the initiation state should fire with the flow, but the Recurring state only kicks in 60 seconds after finishing the Initial state.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 3.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 09-07-2022 09:05
    Hey Trey, Two Pro Services Principal Consultants, or also known as our very own "Above Average Joes," were on the Q&A Show this week and tackled some community questions ranging the gamut of topics including, but yours was one of them! Check out the minute markers below and hope you enjoy the episode:

    2:38In- Queue Email Flow Triggers
    9:20 - Searching Outbound Email Interactions
    15:25 - Tagging Callback Interactions
    19:39 - Busy Fax Signal
    26:21 - Dialogflow Delays
    29:53 - Recall Attempts
    33:13 - Call Recording Policy
    39:22 - Schedule Callbacks
    42:40 - Custom Contactable Time Sets

    We also highlight a new website revamp that, if you leave your valuable feedback, could score you a prize from our amazing Prize Wall! 



    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

  • 4.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 10-05-2022 06:30

    Unless something has changed since I tested this back in July there are some undocumented quirks with the Recurring State in In-Queue Flows which wasn't mentioned.

    The Recurring State start with running every 60 seconds, after 5 times it adds 5 seconds so it is now run every 65 seconds. After a few times it also reduces the number of runs required to add more time between each loop and eventually the Recurring State will only run once every 60 minutes.

    Another important thing to know is that after 72 hours the Recurring State won't run at all, the e-mail will just wait in queue until an agent becomes available.
    Started looking into how this actually worked after a customer wanted to overflow an e-mail after 5 days but it never happened.

    Jan Heinonen
    Contact Center Specialist
    GlobalConnect AB

  • 5.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 01-23-2024 18:57

    Hi Jan,

    I would like to know if you had any more details around the email overflow and how you solve this issue? Would it be possible to use recurring state to overflow an email to another queue after x days?

    Thank you.

    Cincin Ku
    Genesis Energy

  • 6.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 01-24-2024 07:48


    Well, it depends  :)

    If you want it to overflow within 72 hours, then you can do it in the recurring state.

    If you want to wait longer than that before overflow, then I had the following idea that I haven't tested, since each test would take 3 days :)

    Before the 72 hour limit, you would transfer the e-mail to the queue again, in theory that should reset the timers.

    But you would also need to store in a variable, of how long the e-mail actually have waited in total and add priority based on that so it doesn't end up in the back of the queue again. Same variable can be used to decide when it's time to overflow the e-mail.

    Jan Heinonen
    Contact Center Specialist
    GlobalConnect AB

  • 7.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 01-24-2024 15:40

    Thanks a lot Jan, appreciate your prompt reply. I will test out your idea above :)

    Cincin Ku
    Genesis Energy

  • 8.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 02-07-2024 03:46

    Hi Cincin

    Have you tested this idea ? pls let me know 


    Halesha sn

    Halesha Sanningappal
    Health Alliance Plan

  • 9.  RE: In-Queue Email Flow Trigger

    Posted 02-13-2024 12:34

    See idea SSAAOB-I-110 For increasing amount of time Recurring State runs from 72 hours to 120 hours.

    Please vote for idea so Genesys know this is needed.


    Bruce Dunn
    Department of Technology & Information
    State of Delaware

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