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  • 1.  New Feature Release Schedule Question

    Posted 03-06-2024 09:32


    Starting this week Genesys is beginning feature releases on Mondays. Does this also mean they will be updating the Future Feature Announcements page earlier as well? Typically it is updated Thursday around Noon EST, but on Friday morning at the latest. With the release day shifting from Wednesday to Monday we would expect the preview page to shift as well, from Friday to Wednesday. However I see it is not yet updated for next week. 

    Our business relies heavily on the future release announcements page to prepare for the updates. While we know sometimes features will not deliver, it gives us notice to warn users of important changes coming. If features release on Monday and the page is updated on Friday that gives us 2 weekend days to get notice out. Most of our users will not get that message until Monday morning, which may be too late for those with late starts. We would appreciate confirmation that Genesys will be updating the "Features Coming Soon" page earlier than Friday to more accurately align with the new release schedule. 


    Aaron Buckley

  • 2.  RE: New Feature Release Schedule Question

    Posted 03-06-2024 09:55

    great question!!


    Breno Canyggia Ferreira Marreco

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