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  • Sorry for the late reply.. Let me try this, it already tried the .txt and .csv but it dint come out right. But I didn't know we need a transformation details for csv. I will try to put that in and let you know what I find. Thanks for your reply! ------------------------------ ...

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  • ​We use Job Manager.  Within our SSIS packages, we have a task that updates the NextRunDateTime and enabled in the job table so the job runs right away. ------------------------------ Alison Jones PREMIER BANKCARD ------------------------------

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  • We use Job Manager for some tasks. The biggest issue I have is when you have many jobs, you can only schedule them in 15 minute intervals and they start to add up whereas with SQL Agent jobs you can control the specific time. Other than that, its a little ...

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  • Make sure the output file name ends with the correction file extension. We use .TXT Make sure the output is set to CSV. Define the transformation details. We like to have the stored procedure provide all the data already delimited and output ...

  • It actually is a normal .csv file but if you have Excel on the computer you try to open it with, it opens in Excel. If you right click the file and open with textpad or notepad, it opens the way it's supposed to. Joe Cook Guru DNA ...

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  • A couple of things here. I assume you have the Transformation Details properly configured (shown below)? Is the file actually in Excel or is CSV just defaulting to Excel on your computer? You may have to use a text editor like Notepad++ to open the ...

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  • Is there anyone who uses Exchange to export reports into CSV using a Stored procedure and not the Query tool.. When we export it using the CSV option, the output is not a true CSV (comma separated), instead it just saves an excel with a .csv Extension.. ...

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