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  • @Jay McKenzie anytime!!  ​ ------------------------------ Niki Coleman Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • @Niki Coleman Thank's Niki!!​ ------------------------------ Jay McKenzie Balanced Healthcare ------------------------------

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  • @Jay McKenzie here you go buddy. Hopefully this tage finds you well. :) ​ ------------------------------ Niki Coleman Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • We at Avtex have come up with a number of FAQs and other resources for enabling your remote agents at .  Feel free to connect with us if you are using ...

  • To our AWS users:  Subject: Monthly Maintenance Service Impact: Services will be offline while maintenance is performed When: Sun, 3/22/2020, 12:01am ET   Customers: All AWS USERS ...

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  • Here's a recent email you should have received from our CEO, Tony Bates: ====================== Dear  Genesys  Customer,       I'm sure you are monitoring the news about the coronavirus COVID-19 and addressing how best to take care ...

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  • Good Morning Community!  We have an important announcement from one of our Fusion service partners Phin Solutions regarding a recent security change that will be taking effect soon. Our teams receieved the below message from Phin advising the specifics ...

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