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  • That is normal. Click ok and you will be presented with the standard options. John Everman (913) 302-9615 (sent from my phone)

  • Can anyone tell me anything about why I might be getting this modal when I double click a column in the Destination mapping? #Exchange ------------------------------ Kevin C Scharnhorst Receivable Solutions ------------------------------

  • Unfortunately we couldn't implement this patch on Saturday so we missed the war room. We were able to get the patch installed correctly at this point but are experiencing issues with the exchange clients.  We followed the instructions to update the new ...

  • Dear Latitude Clients This Post is specific to customers who use either AIM or AIM Receiver . If you are a user of either AIM or AIM Receiver please make sure you review the AIM release notes in the "AIM Documentation" folder for the Regulation ...

  • Dear Latitude Clients,   This is a Reg-F update on 5 key areas for all Latitude versions: The newest patches, scripts and installation instructions are now available for download from the SFTP site. The folder containing the most recent patch ...

  • Evan, I provided a copy of the script to Tony via email Wednesday, the custom changes that Tony had made for go-forward transactions will need to be made to this script as well. The script does not set the itemization date it just updates itemization ...

  • Ian, Was the script that will update all the historical accounts with their itemization date and the appropriate amounts to their itemization buckets ever finished? I do not see it in the SFTP and it does not appear on the list of known issues that should ...

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