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  • Sorry for the long delay in responding! I just found this in my email and checked it out. All is working with the example excel file now. Thank you Pamela! ------------------------------ Kevin C Scharnhorst Receivable Solutions --------------------- ...

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  • Thanks. After looking at this I thought you might be interested in the way I like to write my string.trim() now after having to add all of those characters too. "Six of one, half dozen of another" of course. char[] charsToTrim = { '\"', ' ', '\''}; ...

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    RE: CSV Parser

    Ah gotcha.  I'd still go the array route for something like that, if only because you can then target exactly what you are looking for.  That being said, it can be cumbersome depending on how many columns you have, because you would have to pull the ...

  • More or less just exploratory. We've got a little 3 line parser setup that does the trick.      I just remembered a couple of years ago in a previous position where I was handling the printing of letters for an insurance company and the CSV files exceeded ...

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    RE: CSV Parser

    @Kevin C Scharnhorst   We never dug into that to be honest.  The original plan that we used was to use string.Split and drop everything into an Array, then extract the information we wanted so the file could be rewritten the way we needed it. Did ...

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    CSV Parser

    @Jay McKenzie Do you have any experience working with GSS.Common.Transformations.CsvParser(string, string, bool, char, bool, bool, string) in the Preprocessing code?​​ #Exchange ------------------------------ Kevin C Scharnhorst Receivable Solutions ...

  • We use the email functionality. We also limit it to only supervisors and management.Make sure you test your Word Templates because not everything translates to HTML as you would expect. We send a letter file to a vendor for consumer letters, We don't ...

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