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  Q&A Show: WEM Topic Manager & Latitude Roadmap

This episode is about two premium features in Genesys Cloud:
The WEM Suite's NEW Topic Manage and
Latitude's Roadmap plans for 2021!

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  • We received a file mover error when producing our export last night.  So it looks like Latitude reported but we don't have a file to send to the bureaus.  Obviously, we need to generate the file again but I don't want to miss any final statuses that would ...

  • Hi All, I assume most of you have heard about this ruling regarding the TCPA and Autodialers.  I thought the ACA did a good job of summarizing the issue.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. - Cris ...

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    RE: Letter Issues

    Thanks kindly for the info Pam. I couldn't remember what caused that to happen. John Everman Guru DNA Technology Consultants CEO / Founder Office (913) 302-9615 "Technology is in our DNA" ...

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    RE: Letter Issues

    Hi John,  The answer to When printing a letter, 2 instances of the same letter are being printed with the 2nd one stating "COPY" in a watermark across it.  How do we stop this 2nd letter from printing?   Is to uncheck the Copy Customer (or Customer ...

  • #LatitudeLounge-ANetworkingHangout ------------------------------ Jeff Calnan Genesys - Employees Customer Success Manager ------------------------------

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  • I was curious how everyone is handling the recommended changes from the CDIA for the reporting of Bankruptcy dismissals and withdrawals.  It's now recommended that a Q be reported in the CII instead of the dismissal or withdrawn CII codes. Removing the ...

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    RE: StatuteDate

    Pretty sure its antiquated and was never on the work screens. The old version of the stored proc cbrEvaluateAccount used it. We do a weekly evaluation on Sundays using our own stored proc in a SQL Agent Job and close OOS accounts. If you would like ...

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