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Join Matt as he learns about "The most amazing Genesys software you’ve never heard of: Latitude by Genesys”. We also have a quick check in with George and get a glimpse of Matt's new house.  
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    Letter Issues

    Good morning team! I am in hopes someone in the community can assist us here.  We have a client that just starting this week began experiencing 2 issues with letters.  They are on Latitude 10.9 with the latest ES's.  Any suggestions would be greatly ...

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  • No worries at all. Have a great evening. John Everman (913) 302-9615 (sent from my phone)

  • Hi John, Thanks for your reply I think I might be in the wrong group just been looking at more things on the main site I think we are Geneysis Cloud not Latitute. Thanks Georgie

  • Is this something custom you already have built into Latitude and now need reporting for? John Everman (913) 302-9615 (sent from my phone)

  • Hi Everyone, Georgie here from Beyond Bank Quality Assurance team,  I have a question?  Is there any report I can run that will give the totals of each question in my evaluation form for a particular month  Ie I want to know how many agents got a particular ...

  • Welcome Nicole! I look forward to working with you! ------------------------------ Jennifer Heinzl Delta Outsource Group, Inc. ------------------------------

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  • Nicole!  Welcome to the Latitude by Genesys family!  We are so glad to have you on board.   Cris ------------------------------ Cris Bjelajac Business Owner Latitude by Genesys ------------------------------

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