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  • Condition Builder – Recently, a customer reported an issue with a Pool Queue and identified that the issue may be with a newly added condition using Condition Builder.  A review of the condition showed that the number sign (#) was included the condition ...

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  • Hi All, Some may already know about this settings in Latitude. However, I would like to share these simple steps to check when a customer encounters a situation wherein users are unable to set special time reminder for future dates with any open accounts ...

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  • Thanks John! ------------------------------ Jeff Calnan Genesys - Employees Senior Genesys Advisor ------------------------------

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  • Welcome Jeff! I will be looking forward to working with you. John Everman Guru DNA Technology Consultants CEO / Founder Office (913) 302-9615 "Technology is in our DNA" ...

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  • Some of you may encounter an error in Enhanced Dashboard where the user cannot open Enhanced Dashboard. It will give you an error similar to the one in the image below. First, please confirm the following: Latitude Enhanced Dashboard Service ...

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  • Hi Everyone, I just wanted to reach out to the Latitude Community discussion group to introduce myself as a new member of the Latitude team here at Genesys.  I bring collections and contact center experience to my new Advisor role, and I look forward ...

  • Documentation for these tools is available in the Latitude Documentation Library.  Latitude 10.0: ...

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