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  Q&A Show: WEM Topic Manager & Latitude Roadmap

This episode is about two premium features in Genesys Cloud:
The WEM Suite's NEW Topic Manage and
Latitude's Roadmap plans for 2021!

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  • Your stored proc needs to return an empty dataset instead of a null or error result so that Exchange can return the result of "there were no records to process"... otherwise the data transformation is invalid. Modify the stored proc to drop the table ...

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  • Hi all, its been awhile since I've been around, mainly that we have finally moved to V10.  I am having an issue that seems to be based on the upgrade as I did not experience this in version 8.5. What is occurring is that some of our waterfall processes ...

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  • Latitude Customers, It appears that Latitude is incorrectly calculating May 24th 2021 as a bank holiday and preventing arrangements from being set up for today. It is pushing today's payment to tomorrow.  Our Dev team is looking into the original ...

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  • Oh ok thanks Nicole! ------------------------------ Aishwarya Perumal DataSearch ------------------------------

  • Hi Aish, We are aware of this issue. It appears that the Memorial Holiday is erroneously calculating as today in Latitude. Our Dev team is looking into the original code but it does appear to only be affecting Memorial Day 2021. The workaround is to ...

  • Today when our collectors are try to enter credit card transactions the payment date Automatically changes to 05/25/2021 (To tomorrow's Date) Automatically. Even if they manually change it back to 05/24 when the finish the transaction it enters it for ...

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