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Join Matt as he learns about "The most amazing Genesys software you’ve never heard of: Latitude by Genesys”. We also have a quick check in with George and get a glimpse of Matt's new house.  
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  • Hey Everyone, Your community managers Cris and Ian stopped by the Q&A Show to give a quick overview of Latitude! You probably know the basics, but after Ian gives a tour of the platform, they discuss the future of the product and how it can be impactful ...

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  • Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response. I do have some coding setup to pull accounts that belong to a customer group and then determine which individual customer ID an account aught to map to. It looks like I had overlooked actually selecting the option ...

  • Figured it out. I had a field I mapped from the import file to the Master.Customer field, but I still had the customer set to be provided on import ("prompt") instead of "Use From File". Once I selected the right radio button, it picked up my customer ...

  • Hi Kevin, Do you have any coding setup for the customer field in Exchange to do some type of lookup based on that value such as linking it to the alpha code on the customer table? Thanks ------------------------------ Mike Spiegel TEC Services Group, ...

  • The documentation always seems to take the easiest path and never really goes into depth on the options. You can see what I mean in , where the ...

  • Happy Monday Latitude by Genesys Community!   Hope you are doing well today. Wanted to follow up on the email you received July 28 th 2020 from titled " PureConnect Customer Care is joining the acceleration ...

  • Hi Greg. I actually recall this being an issue in earlier versions of 10. Primarily in SU03. I believe we have since corrected this in our later versions of 10 and you are able to export more records without the limitations you're facing now. You can ...

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