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  Q&A Show: WEM Topic Manager & Latitude Roadmap

This episode is about two premium features in Genesys Cloud:
The WEM Suite's NEW Topic Manage and
Latitude's Roadmap plans for 2021!

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  • Hi Brandi! Do you have the contact dates stored in a table, or anything that confirms a good contact was made? Also, do you need something in SQL or C#?  Thanks! Jay ------------------------------ Jay McKenzie Balanced Healthcare ------------- ...

  • We have an issue where we need to list the numbers that we send to Livevox by best contacted phone.  IE Phones with contacts ranked by number of times they actually got a contact. We are on 10Su09 #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ Brandi ...

  • Thank you sir. John Everman Guru DNA Technology Consultants CEO / Founder Office (913) 302-9615 "Technology is in our DNA" Join the Latitude User Group

  • John, This is just around the file types and records in standard AIM that will be modified. I will be posting next week details of new tables and columns that are being added to Latitude (V10/V11 and Liquid). ------------------------------ Ian Winder ...

  • Ian, I may have overlooked this in the documents provided but could you tell me which tables this new information will be coming from in Latitude please? Thanks in advance John Everman Guru DNA Technology Consultants ...

  • *** Update 9/21 *** Files have been updated as follows: CPLC/CDEM/ADEM File CUPP/AUPP record "Method" of how consent was provided has been reversed (1=Written, 0=Verbal) for consistency CPLC/CDEM/ADEM File CEML/AEML record "Method" of how ...

  • Brian, I too have seen this happen but specifically when the job is running on the same day. I can typically replicate it by letting Job Manager create the file. Then going to Exchange and export again with "Using Process". I haven't uncovered the ...

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