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  • Hey Latitude Community! I want to take a moment to welcome our newest community members to our group: @Evan Esteva @Laura Cross @Leigh Ashall @Ladonna Bohling @Jacob Kolisek @Caroline Bishop @Shashidhar Chewkoti @Jane Reeves @Paige Montgomery ...

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  • Evan, I provided a copy of the script to Tony via email Wednesday, the custom changes that Tony had made for go-forward transactions will need to be made to this script as well. The script does not set the itemization date it just updates itemization ...

  • Ian, Was the script that will update all the historical accounts with their itemization date and the appropriate amounts to their itemization buckets ever finished? I do not see it in the SFTP and it does not appear on the list of known issues that should ...

  • Dear Latitude Clients,  This is a Reg-F update on 3 key areas:  The newest patches, scripts and installation instructions should be available for download by noon on Friday .  The most recent list of known issues and fix release plans have been ...

  • Has anyone seen an issue with both the new business schema and maintenance schema?  For the primary debtor: For any debtor after that primary debtor: So it does not load the EmailConsent table, it only loads a column that does not exist. All imports ...

  • Dear Latitude Clients, This a Reg-F Post for Latitude v10 SU9, SU10 and V11 SU1 and Liquid Latitude 2020R2 On-Premise  Customers, We are targeting the next Reg F Patch release to address known defects by Friday, November 26th . This will be ...

  • Dear Latitude Clients, We are announcing the SECOND open Zoom call for clients to access on questions re Reg-F on Saturday, November 27thth 10-4 EST   This is an open forum to get questions answered throughout the day. ...

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