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  • Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone know our Latitude by Genesys new web page is LIVE! If you know of anyone looking around for great ARM software, feel free to send them this link.  Of ...

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  • Hi folks! I am working on an import, and I have the header in Excel right now and updating it (10 different row types). As I was working a way, I noticed one of the columns is called Database Field.  Is this is a SQL lookup field?  I've seen it before ...

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  • There is a SAP interface (the new owners of Crystal Reports) that you can install into Visual Studio professional / Community versions that will allow you to create / edit Crystal Reports. When working with this SAP tool, you need to make sure you us ...

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  • Thanks for your input, Eric.  When you say "you are not limited to the Crystal Reports version any longer", does that mean that you created a Crystal Report using a modern version of CR and had it run successfully in Reporting Console?  If so, can I ask ...

  • With the newer version (Service Updates) of Latitude 10 (SU 8 and up) you are not limited to the Crystal Reports version any longer, but writing custom reports in Crystal is a major pain. I prefer SSRS, its much easier to write reports in, and you have ...

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  • Thanks so much John.  Yes, I will take you up on that offer!  We purchased 8.5 but had to return it as the license key was no good.  At this point, I'm stuck on several CR projects until I can get the software installed, and EOM is fast approaching.... ...

  • Welcome to the group Isaac! It’s great to have you here. I know many of our clients use SSRS. Many also use a vendor, Provana, for detailed metric reporting. When it comes to invoicing if you want to keep it in Latitude you have to stick with Crystal ...

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