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Join Matt as he learns about "The most amazing Genesys software you’ve never heard of: Latitude by Genesys”. We also have a quick check in with George and get a glimpse of Matt's new house.  
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  • Hey Everyone, Your community managers Cris and Ian stopped by the Q&A Show to give a quick overview of Latitude! You probably know the basics, but after Ian gives a tour of the platform, they discuss the future of the product and how it can be impactful ...

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  • ************************** Seems we have more then just one issue.  No need to reply, we are pulling Latitude in directly. Thank you! Jay ************************** Good morning folks! Friday and Saturday we ran the latest upgrade patch and ...

  • Hi John! Solid call.  As soon as I brought up StairStep it gave me almost everything I needed.  The rest is all just joins and run. Thank you for the lead, got me right to where I needed to be! Jay ------------------------------ Jay McKenzie Balanced ...

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  • Jay, I did a little more research both in my dev environment as well as a couple of other customers. I am going to assume this is a remnant from many years ago as all of the Customer tables I viewed have the same null values in those fields. Likely ...

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  • Hi John! Full mix of old and new customer codes, but the entire columns are NULL.  We are seeing this in the salesman table as well.  Its almost like whatever is supposed to be feeding those fields isn't firing off. ------------------------------ Jay ...

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  • Jay Are you seeing any pattern to the customer codes? For example are they all much older or newer? Or does it appear to be random?

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  • Good morning folks! We were poking around the reporting options for Latitude, and noticed that the there are a number of NULL columns in the customer table.  Fees, Collections, MTD Number Placed, MTD Dollars Placed, same with MTD collections, MTD Fees, ...

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