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  • Thanks George ------------------------------ Thanks and regards Blair Wilkinson CVT (Global) Pty Ltd ------------------------------

  • If you hardcode the data table action input in the flow to +27112062948, does it succeed? ------------------------------ Melissa Bailey Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Was searching for this same answer, Patrick. Did you ever find a solution? ------------------------------ Pol Buckingham f'real foods llc ------------------------------

  • In the latest Pure Cloud release notes they refer to Flowouts in relation to the SLA calculation. Out company have always wanted to include abandoned calls in our SLA metric but felt it unfair to our scoring that all abandoned are included. Has anyone ...

  • ​My view is now correct, and the times displayed in the Interactions screen are the same time zone as me. ------------------------------ Brenda Implementing PureCloud, eMite, and VOCI ------------------------------

  • Interesting. Well at least it isn't just us. My time on my computer is EST so that isn't effecting the time in PureCloud. I do see that it has my location in Central Time Zone which would be consistent with today's time difference. I am putting in a ticket ...

  • I'm noticing this too!!  I thought that the times that show in the interactions view was based on whatever the time is on my computer.  But I noticed today that it appears to be off by 3 hours...​ This is really challenging when I'm trying to determine ...

  • There is no way to do so that I know of. ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Technology Consultant Genesys ------------------------------

  • Hi Melissa Thank you so much for the above information, however we are still unable to get the desired outcome. In essence the outcome of this queue needs to determine whether or not from our Data table lookup, the number dialing into the queue is either ...

  • Hi, Julie, I played with a lot of settings, and the only thing I can find that affects the time displayed for interactions in the Performance > Interactions view is the local time zone on my computer.  For example, I changed the time zone on my desktop ...

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