PureCloud Q&A Show - Episode 2 Questions:

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  • Tell us your cloud services dream… https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T3MWKGD Genesys Cloud is all about great cloud services that you can use with any of our products and solutions. Help us help you with this quick 8-question ...

  • Hello Melissa Hope you are well. Sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance. That is extremely helpful for us. ------------------------------ Thanks and regards Samuel Polgar CVT (Global) Pty Ltd ------------------------------

  • Hi Nik You mention that you need users to be able to assess calls of new hires- which sounds to me like you're wanting to do quality evaluations. If that's the case there is an Evaluator role but quality evaluation is only available for PureCloud 2 and ...

  • Generally, using multiple purecloud orgs within a single Salesforce environment poses no special concerns.  The client utilizes the standard implicit grant login flow, meaning it simply authenticates on behalf of a user.   Using different configurations ...

  • I don't know of a way to get notification in that client when a voicemail is waiting. Dial  *86 from that client to check voicemail for the logged-in user. https://help.mypurecloud.com/articles/about-the-telephone-user-interface/ ------------------------------ ...

  • Community, Is there a way to see voicemail message waiting indication (MWI) in the PureCloud Salesforce  Embedded Client? Or is there some kind of way to enable quick access to voicemail from the Embedded Client? Is there a way to turn that on somehow? ...

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    I have a few questions about the process of becoming FedRAMP-certified.  Are you doing it yourself or via a partner? What specifically are you FedRAMP'ing (Not only technology components, which product suite)? Who is sponsoring you? Thank you in advance. ...

  • Hello, Yes I found what was causing the input to not display many lines. The solution is going through our review and testing process now. ------------------------------ joshua frederick Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hi joshua, Thanks for your reply, you mean that you find what can be the cause of this ? Please keep me informed once you finish the test about the update Thank you. ------------------------------ Oudderhem Mostafa Coverage-Communication -------- ...

  • Hello, Thanks for bringing this up. I looked into this and did see that the input is indeed staying a maximum of two lines. This was not changed on purpose and I was able to find where it happened. I am working on the solution to this and after it is ...

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