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- Episode 2 -

In this episode, Manager Matt and Richard Schott provide a close look into Workspace Transfer Functionality in Salesforce Integration
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  • Join Community Manager Matt and Salesforce expert Richard Schott as they discuss burning questions from the Genesys Cloud Community. This week's questions include: Show and Tell (Walkthrough): - Workspace Transfer Functionality in Salesforce Integration ...

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  • It appears that Genesys is blocking our dev web domain. The code works as it should from my wix site, it also works from (html test site), and our production web domain. Have a case opened. Hoping to have it resolved soon. ------------------------------ ...

  • Michael, Are you actually editing the javascript source code of the widget in order to hide/remove the email address?  If so, that's not a great idea, as other places in the source could might have dependencies on the existence of those fields, and you ...

  • Please note that the idea 302 was merged with  Idea 314 has 16 votes at the moment. ------------------------------ Dan Fontaine Altivon ------------------------------

  • Hello all, I'm trying to forward some calls to another IP address outside our organization. Does anyone know how to set that up? I see incoming easy enough, it's outgoing that's stumping me. Ben #SIP/VolP ------------------------------ Benjamin Winter ...

  • It appears we have found the issues, Genesys looks to be blocking our development web domain.  When using the same widget code on or from it works, but not from our domain.  We have a ticket opened and should hopefully have it working ...

  • There is also an enhancement request out there to see the agent requirements on the forecast not the generated schedule. CLWFO -I-302   ------------------------------ Greg Barrett Outdoor Network, LLC ------------------------------

  • You are describing the out-of-the-box functionality provided by the Workforce Management feature of Genesys Cloud. There is no standard report you can run to see the data you want, but it is all encompassed within the Short-term Forecast you can generate ...

  • Hi all, hate to throw out some Avaya terminology, but is there a performance report that shows the average number of agents staffed for a queue, interval, day, etc?  I'd like to start calculating the over/under staffing number to begin forecasting service ...

  • Log into (Genesys Knowledge Network) with your customer portal credentials. In the top drop-down, click Genesys Cloud or select Dashboard. Scroll down the dashboard and you should find the tile for the Ideas Lab. Click the button ...

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