Genesys Cloud (formerly PureCloud)

  Q&A Show: Gamification and Coaching

Learn about two WEM features native to Genesys Cloud:
The Gamification System, and
the new Coaching Feature.

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  • This week's episode is dedicated to the new Gamification and Coaching Features in Genesys Cloud. Fresh from development, these settings are great for sparking internal competition between agents, and make coaching reviews and scheduling training super ...

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  • Vaun, Thanks for the quick response. There are times when a system outage has been discovered and our customers are suddenly faced with significant hold times. We would prefer to communicate that situation to anyone on hold so that people have an opportunity ...

  • Sorry..Abandoned (ABD) ------------------------------ Steven Strom Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ------------------------------

  • What does ABD stand for? You can use the evaluate schedule actions in inbound flows as well, but that won't stop your agents from transferring to a queue. ------------------------------ Melissa Bailey Genesys - Employees --------------------------- ...

  • Thank you !  I see the option in the In Queue call flow.  Question - if implementing the SG option in the In-Queue call flow and Closed hours...will the call register as an ABD after-hrs. ?   Might be best for us to implement on  the Inbound flow. ------------------------------ ...

  • I can think of 2 ways. 1) You can use an in-queue flow for the queue and check the schedule and/or schedule group inside the in-queue flow.  If it's inactive, transfer to a different queue that's still active, offer the caller a callback, or do something ...

  • When agents conduct an internal transfer to a queue, it bypasses all time of day logic and will queue after-hours.  Any suggestions how to configure transfers to route through the scheduling prior to routing to queue? #Routing(ACD/IVR) ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Maria - Thanks for the feedback. We do have an upcoming feature in works wherein you'll be able to create custom gamification profiles. It will give you the flexibility to segment by divisions or any other granular criteria per your business needs.  ...

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    RE: Station Groups

    That is what we have done previously. Was wondering if there had been any other solutions/changes recently. Thanks, Dan ------------------------------ Dan Fontaine ConvergeOne, Inc. ------------------------------

  • Hi,  You only need to enable BYOC Cloud feature in Admin / Genesys Add Ons menu to be authorized to add new trunk. ------------------------------ Cedric Paxyl Solutions ------------------------------

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