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  • Hey @Jason Ball , Thanks for the question! Once you log in, you can see a list of your contributions in your profile. Here is the navigation path: My Profile > My Contributions > List of Contributions The list displays most recent posts first, ...

  • @Darlene Oordt another one related to the other latency thread. ​ ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Technology Consultant Genesys ------------------------------

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    RE: Inbound Email

    Lucie linked you to  https://help.mypurecloud.com/articles/email-routing-scenarios/  On the page, ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Technology Consultant Genesys ------------------------------

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    RE: Inbound Email

    Hi George, please check the attached screenshots from help.genesys.com it said that you need to create MX record for inbound email. and TXT record for outbound. and you will find another screenshot said that after creating the domain it will give you ...

  • Here are silly diagrams I created back in 2017 when we are coming up with a solution to the issue you are facing. They may be helpful to illustrate the solution. This is the problem: If you use TXT records, forwarding and the From Email Address field, ...

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    RE: Inbound Email

    Andrew, Lucie's solution as documented in the Resource Center uses a  TXT record , not an MX record. You should not be using an MX record at all for setting up your PureCloud email. ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal ...

  • We have a low-volume inbound call center in which some agents work full-time and others part-time. Agents are paid a commission, so they want to receive as many calls as possible. Since the routing looks back 7 days, currently, an agent starting at 8am ...

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    RE: Inbound Email

    Yes Lucie, This what i need to send and receive my emails from support@company.com But this not work because always the MX record is Invalid. And the MX record is responsible for inbound so when I configure the domain it’s not work as inbound email. ...

  • You should not have to create a subdomain. If, for example, your existing email is support@company.com, then you should be able to both receive emails in PureCloud using support@company.com and also send emails as support@company.com. Your end customers ...

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    RE: Inbound Email

    Hi lucie, There was misunderstanding in this scenario. This is the workaround that we found and work with it. But when I create sub domain it give me MX record invalid. If i put my domain the MX record give me invalid. So what i did was ...

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