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  • There hasn't been any progress on this particular feature. There are various email enhancements that are in the ideas portal and you can vote for them, comment and watch progress there: https://purecloud.ideas.aha.io/ideas/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=email ...

  • @Lucie DeCristofaro ? ​ ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Program Manager Genesys ------------------------------

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    RE: Hold music

    The music while waiting in queue, yes (in the In-Queue Call flow). System hold music (which plays when someone places a call on hold), no. ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Program Manager Genesys -------------------- ...

  • They are just sample users. You can delete them. ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Program Manager Genesys ------------------------------

  • Hello, Are you trying to forward queue calls to the agent's cell? This functionality does not work. Direct call forwarding only ​works when off queue. ------------------------------ Julie Green Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group ----------------- ...

  • ^^^ ------------------------------ Cheers, Sajid Abbas Malek Al-Futtaim Technologies - Dubai ------------------------------

  • Hi... I have experienced problems like this in the past with Chrome where agents have installed plugins that have caused the conflicts - may be worth looking down this avenue... regards Matt ------------------------------ Matt Calton Grove & Dean Ltd ...

  • Hi Darryn It is WEBRTC . it was working up until Friday .  what did you do to resolve the issue  ------------------------------ Roisin Floyd Wren Data Ltd. ------------------------------

  • Hello, we have two users created on the customer's Purecloud Org, they are: 'paula.purecloud@genesys.com' and 'peter.purecloud@genesys.com' I think this two accound are created by default on the Org, so can we delete them ? is there any impact ? ...

  • Hi, When we go through Performance>queues activity, we can see details of the current interaction of an agent by clicking on "+" button, however wa cannot do it for some other agents with state "interacting" on the same queue, the button "+" was grayed ...

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