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- Episode 4 -

In this Education Special, Manager Matt meets with Jeff and Sheela to walkthrough Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program
! There might just be a Certification Exam giveaway, so make sure to watch it through! 👀

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  • Since we have a lot of customers switching over to WAH agents right now, Customer Care thought it a good idea to start up a new thread and add a new Topic tag for  Remote Work Enablement . Partners and Professional Services will be busy getting new customers ...

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  • In this episode, Community Manager Matt meets with Jeff Ritter and Sheela Sridharan to walkthrough the Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program! Make sure to watch through the full episode to catch two new segments and learn how you ...

  • Thank you Lucie, I read all the topic, only one confirmation so if i certify both MX and TXT, all email addresses will be addressed only to PureCloud? from Help MyPureCloud: Existing domain switchover When you switch over an existing domain, ...

  • Wondering if anyone else faces this challenge, for context, we are running a 12hr weekday operation for which our call service level is 80/60. I am finding that even with 0% shrinkage applied, when generating a schedule based off a short term forecast ...

  • Hi, Our internal Calls From Agent to Agent using username is redirecting to another agent. so then I have to create extension and type extension to make internal Agent to Agent call. Configuration:  We have Division and each division has there own specif ...

  • If you pull up the interactions and review the timelines, you can see how long it attempted each user. As Paulo mentioned, the detection can be an issue. So can cell carrier service and other carrier issues on both ends. Bumping up the time may help with ...

  • Hi Rafael, I have done this with email and SMS via web services data actions. You'll have to decide when you want this to occur in the In-Queue Call Flow. If it's just when a call has been in queue for x seconds/minutes, you would just call a web services ...

  • We have call recording enabled on a trunk, but do not want calls for a certain queue to be recorded. I am selecting the option in the Quality Admin >> Policies section to "Delete" calls and then I've also checked the box labeled "Delete even if another ...

  • You should review these instructions to determine which scenario best suits your needs and then follow the associated instructions: ------------------------------ Lucie DeCristofaro Genesys ...

  • Greg, that's generally correct.  The username/password/token are what determines which salesforce org we connect to with data actions.  Because usernames are unique globally, updating the credentials to those of a user in the new org will "point" the ...

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