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  Q&A Show: WebRTC (Part 1)
Get a quick introduction to WebRTC as Alan answers
community members' questions
to set the stage for this two-part episode.

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    Hey there Genesys Community! We've got a Summer Contest coming to you! We've found that the most searched keyword among members so far in 2021 is Salesforce (no surprise there). Can you guess what the 2 nd most searched keyword in our community is? ...

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  • Hey Everyone, I took some time off during vacation to record the first part of our Q&A Episode on WebRTC. In this episode, Alan answers the following questions:  Can WebRTC be used with VDI solutions? How do you configure VDI WebRTC helpers? ...

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  • Bot Flows have a very minimal charge for sessions and turns as described in the resource center.  They are the only way you can "hold" the conversation open with messaging. ------------------------------ Robert Wakefield-Carl Avtex Solutions, LLC Contact ...

  • Hello all, I do have requirement of integrating Genesys Dialog Engine with Genesys Cloud basically Genesys Widget. As all know , it doesn't support Rich Media. hence, I'm looking your support interms of customization of product, Anyone here has done ...

  • Not sure , i believe we can achieve this on state level  by the way BOT is Extra paid Service right ------------------------------ Noufal Ebrahim Saudi Manpower Solutions Co. ------------------------------

  • Thank you Brad for your answer. Having bots in the global zone means that all the data, logs... associated with the interactions are located outside of European countries. This is a major concern for our customers. This will certainly block the deployment ...

  • Ahh yes now I'm with you Robert.  That's exactly what I've ended up doing.  Thanks :) ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy NTT New Zealand LimitedVaun McCarthy NTT New Zealand Limited ------------------------------

  • You won't be able to get the multiple messages in the same flow without a bot flow.  There is no concept of wait for response in the messaging flows.  You can easily do this in a bot flow. ------------------------------ Robert Wakefield-Carl Avtex Solutions, ...

  • Hi Robert ,  Thank you for reply . let me explain what i am looking . Example of Conversation  ---------------- Customer : Hi  Message Flow :  Hi Customer , Please type 1 for Inquiry and 2 for Complaint Customer : 2 Message Flow : Please Enter your ...

  • Hello,  I know architect has a Hold Music object within editor that can be used which can play the whole prompt set as a duration. I am looking for a way to create an expression for specific prompts to play by duration. Lets say i want to play a ...

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