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George is back in the hot seat! This time he's discussing API audits and some of the toughest unanswered questions in the Genesys Cloud Community!

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  • Our dear friend George stops by to discuss an audit function in Genesys Cloud's API and questions from the Genesys Cloud community are examined! Show & Tell Segment: Agent removed from queue report?  - Starts at 1:28 Expert's Picks: ...

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  • Hello, I found that the Markdown function in the Agent Script is not working for some scenarios. Like the code below <details> <summary>Click to expand!</summary> Some Content Here </details> It should be viewed like this ▶ Click to expand! and ...

  • I'm guessing you could use the API /api/v2/voicemail/search to find all the voicemails older than a specified date (or between 1 year 7 days and 1 year old). Then pull out the voicemail IDs, and use /api/v2/voicemail/messages/{messageId} to loop through ...

  • I went back and checked the Resource Center and found the NOTE: " Alert rules only reset when an event occurs that takes the alert out of alarm. Alerts do not reset based on time intervals." So, the number of ACD calls overall sent to a queue would ...

  • Thanks so much, Melissa. ------------------------------ Adam Rubin Humana Inc. ------------------------------

  • No it will skip the preferred agent rings ------------------------------ Melissa Bailey Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • You might want to take a look at the Analytics Query Builder for more info on how to shape a query. You have to specify a date/time range, which I don't think you can do via the URL, so it might not be possible from Denodo ...

  • Quick question: Let's say I have a queue setup with 1 ring for preferred agents, for 10 seconds. Then in Architect, I transfer to that queue, but don't set  any preferred agents. Will there be a 10s delay before the call rings general members of the ...

  • That's a way of doing it, since all you are really doing is setting up a menu within the In-Queue Call flow rather than truly playing hold music. Semantcis, but the behavior is a little different. As long as it all works the way you want, that's the ...

  • Hello, For an unknown reason in the schedules, some activities planned in the Work Plan are missing. All the agents are in the same work plan, for some of them the activities (daily meal and meetings) are added, but not for others not. Any idea ...

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