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  • Hello Everyone, I would like to know if there are special reports for IVR outbound campaign agentless? In case, I want to know how many selections or user inputs are? Is there what is called IVR-Tracker for example? Best Regards, Ali ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you very much, Raymond. Best Regards, Ali ------------------------------ Ali Aljohani Jathwa Technology Solutions ------------------------------

  • Hi, This is the link for ServiceNow integration recently listed on AppFoundry https://appfoundry.genesys.com/#/filter/purecloud/listing/23448f74-e675-4c35-ae39-817e0094b675 Best Regards Biagio ------------------------------ Biagio Cerruto https://www.softphone.it ...

  • There is no theoretical limit to users in the system. You need to make sure that you have the telephony and networking bandwidth resources required to support the number of calls anticipated on the system and the number of concurrent client/UI logins. ...

  • You can also build your own reporting solution using the PureCloud API. See the Analytics section: https://developer.mypurecloud.com/api/rest/v2/analytics/index.html You can post questions in the developer forum at developer.mypurecloud.com. Also, if ...

  • Hi @Alison Rodney we are your support. You can always open a case with Avtex and we can assist you.  ​ ------------------------------ Angelia Harper Avtex ------------------------------

  • I am a new PureCloud user with no internal support, so I am hoping I can find someone in this community to assist.  I have experience with Nortel, Avaya, Five9 and InContact and each of those platforms I had the ability to get detailed call-by-call type ...

  • The data table basically has a reference key and a number of data elements. In Architect you use the Data Table Lookup to get the elements associated with the reference key. It reads them into variables. I'm using it for looking up incoming numbers going ...

  • Hi Darryn, What do you mean by an ambush message? ------------------------------ Melissa Bailey Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Are external consults also not recorded? We have the enable recording on transfer enabled, but these calls are only being consulted on, not fully transferred. ------------------------------ Angelia Harper Avtex ------------------------------

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