PureCloud Q&A Show - Episode 12 🎃🕵️

In this CX-chilling episode, Matt is joined by Tech Support Engineers Adam and Gage to discuss Holiday Scheduling. Don't ghost on this information! 👻

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  • Hi Everyone,   I'm a Senior Engineer that works on PureCloud. I mainly focus on issues that pertain to things within the UI or User Interface.  I have been with Genesys for 2 years and have worked on PureCloud that entire time.  I will be one of the ...

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  • Thanks for confirming @Matthew Calton  it's maybe just our issue, nothing i can do seems to resolve it on any queue?!​ ------------------------------ Gordon Thomson Dialler Manager Actavo ------------------------------

  • Hi @David Holeman I had a similar experience when I was testing estimated wait times, for me it was because I was working in my test environment rather than a "Live" queue. As soon as I moved to the live environment worked as expected,  on an amusing ...

  • Hi @Gordon Thomson no errors for me EMEA Dublin​ - regards Matt ------------------------------ Matt Calton Grove & Dean Ltd ------------------------------

  • Hi Samuel,  As the call technically happens in both divisions then it will be available to any supervisors that have access to either of them, i'm not sure there's anyway around this as a result.  Thanks ------------------------------ Gordon Thomson ...

  • Thanks Darrell, be great to know how it goes for ye and if it is pretty straight forward. ------------------------------ Marian OConnell Wren Data Ltd. ------------------------------

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    Queues Activity

    Hi All,  Is anyone else experiencing issues showing stats on the Queues activity section?  We get the following error when i try to view the details on any Queue: Even after refreshing it keeps showing the error "A request couldn't be completed. ...

  • Hello @Darlene Oordt customer has shared a video with the issue. You can see it here https://contact.bitrix24.com/~YSCEI I know that I'm posting the video after the issue was resolved ( @Paulo Mesquita post) but just to have a look what happened ...

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    RE: Debug Calls

    Hello, Thank you for your answer. Yes I have already looked at this timeline but there is no detail about the course taken in the IVR. I would really like to know where the call is passed in the IVR (or strategy for the mail / chat) bloc by bloc etc. ...

  • Hi Stijn, thank you for all your answers. have a nice day R ------------------------------ Radek Paclt NTT Czech Republic s.r.o ------------------------------

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