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  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Season's Greetings !!! I'm here to spread some holiday cheer and make a special child's wish come true. The " Kids Ask, Community Delivers " initiative involves the adoption of letters that have been written to the Big Guy from the North Pole. ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hi Kaio! Are you a member of the Engage community ? You may find some helpful information there as well. Hope you're working on your Debut Badge! We're happy to have you. ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees -------- ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hey Everyone, Welcome to the "Welcome Community" ! I am the Genesys Online Community Manager, Matt. Our mission with this community is to give members a town square of sorts, a first stop to get comfortable in the community. Here, members can learn ...

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  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Ashiesh for the win! Love the colors and how many things Nell can make with these kits! Your suggestion is awesome, thank you!!! It's on her list ;) ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hi Everyone! The newest episode of the Q&A Show is here there are so many demos around YOUR community bot questions. Thank you Mike Pickwick and Dave Pelland for your extensive bot experience that you lended to this episode! Up first, they ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    After a few weeks of voting in the Genesys polls, it was a tight race between deciding the victor of the Genesys Bot portion of the Big, Bad Bot Bash! But the results are in and we reveal it...on the newest episode of the Q&A show ! You can see the ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hi Derek! Welcome to the Community! I hope you'll find lots of answers to any questions you have, and if you don't please post your question. Are you switching over to Genesys Cloud CX or already a user? ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Thank you! ------------------------------ Karthi Elumalai Servion Global Solutions Inc. ------------------------------

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