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  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hi Kaio! Are you a member of the Engage community ? You may find some helpful information there as well. Hope you're working on your Debut Badge! We're happy to have you. ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees -------- ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hey Everyone, Welcome to the "Welcome Community" ! I am the Genesys Online Community Manager, Matt. Our mission with this community is to give members a town square of sorts, a first stop to get comfortable in the community. Here, members can learn ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Personally, I like "Tinkerer"; not so much the proper names because everyone may not get the reference. ------------------------------ Nicki Dehn AAA Club Alliance ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hey Everyone, Some Genesys team members want to understand how you feel about your experiences getting up and running with software providers, so they have two quick surveys they would love for you to submit. Most questions are not specific to Genesys ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hey Welcome Community - head over to this post and let me know who you're rooting for this sports season! We know there are a lot of fans out there! ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees ----------------------- ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Hey David, Glad you found it! If anyone else is looking for their followed content, you can find it in your profile by going to the "My Connections" Tab and then " Following ". This URL should also take you there: https://community.genesys.com/network/members/profile/connections/following-connections ...

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Who is our August Rockstar inductee? Buy your tickets here to find out! ------------------------------ Nicole Milliken Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Welcome Community

    Have you played in one of our Trivia events yet? Now's the time! It's super fun, only takes a few minutes, and gives you the chance to win a prize from the Prize Wall! "Summer Events" Trivia is live until end of day Friday, Sept. 1st , so ...

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