Genesys Multicloud CX cloud (formerly Engage cloud)

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  • Hey Genesys Community, We launched a  Mascot Design Challenge   in Genesys Casual and want some more members to get on the dance floor. If I'm being honest,  Clay Tison's submission  is pretty epic, but we know there are some legendary ideas out ...

  • Hey Community!  Not sure if you saw, but our Community Manager  @Matt Lawson  is living his best life on vacation in Orlando. That doesn't mean we don't get to have some fun too!  This Friday, I'm hosting a lunch break for a game of ...

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  • Hello Genesys Multi-Cloud CX cloud Community, We're happy to share that we now have a new community here at Genesys! AppFoundry Community   is the page where you can ask and directly connect with our technology partners and their apps in marketplace. ...

  • Happy Friday, Genesys Community! Before you go and whisk off into the weekend, I wanted to share recent updates with you: We recently released our latest  Q & A show  where Matt and our special guest dive into what the Analytics as a Service (A3S) ...

  • Hi Genesys Community, Genesys provides a Customer Care Mobile App to empower customers/partners to manage their Genesys Support Cases and engage with Genesys Analysts in efficiently progressing/resolving questions/issues. Genesys Mobile App Key ...

  • Hello Jeff, Many thanks, we will try this Best regards, Yvgeni ------------------------------ Best regards, Yvgeni Liberman ITNavPro ------------------------------

  • Hi Yvgeni,  The docs I shared were for Multicloud (Genesys Engage Cloud). I normally confirm by the URL containing PEC - which refers to the first title of the product. Have you checked these docs, or can you share more detail about your implementation? ...

  • Hello Jeff, Many thanks' But it's about "Multicloud" and not about "Genesys Cloud" (Purecloud) ------------------------------ Best regards, Yvgeni Liberman ITNavPro ------------------------------

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