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    Hey there Genesys Community! We've got a Summer Contest coming to you! We've found that the most searched keyword among members so far in 2021 is Salesforce (no surprise there). Can you guess what the 2 nd most searched keyword in our community is? ...

  • On this week's episode Matt is joined by Vinod and Leon to discuss WebRTC and its relationship with Genesys Engage. We start at the beginning with "What is WebRTC?" and then we get into some questions submitted by Community Members!  Thanks @Leonid ...

  • Hey Sean,  Yeah, I had a look at that metric on GCXI (or the multiple versions).  Those are good for summary level, for queue and agent, but it doesn't look like there is anything at interaction level.  Am I wrong there and one of the metrics is?  Cheers ...

  • Hi Kenny, I am asuming you are talking about GCXI reporting here. Have a look at adding one of the metrics called  "Hold" to the report. this should bring back the count of times the caller was put on hold? ------------------------------ Sean Mahon Telstra ...

  • Morning Community!  I have an ask I'm not having much joy with. Reaching out for help.  Our planning team would like to assess the rate of hold use, on inbound calls, in the CC.  If I take a simple view and the question is binary (was hold used or not), ...

  • Please disregard this post, Unable to delete it. This issue is solved. ------------------------------ Swapnil Rajput Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee ------------------------------

  • Hello there, We are trying to implement Chat APIs for our mobile application. we are using the documentation from However, we are not seeing the chats notifications coming to an agent ...

  • Hi Tony, Apologies for the delayed response, and thank you for the prompt response.  Your advice is great, part of the ongoing questions we've been asked is why both systems are different, and why can't they be compared, so understanding the rationale ...

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