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  • ​We set Caller ID display at the agent group level using Business Attributes.  This gives us flexibility to have many different TFNs and display names to suit different business needs.  This can be configured via Agent Setup or even GAX. ------------------------------ ...

  • I too find it frustrating to find "Engage Cloud" specific information somethimes. Most is written for premise since that's the majority of their clientele and I get that, but I find many times stuff that is referenced is stuff that we don't have access ...

  • Hi Paul Just so I understand your question, you want a process on how/where to go to change the outbound caller ID? For example, we have a number of lines of business and each has their own specific toll name and number, but we're changing our company ...

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    Kelly, As we enter Q4, resource availability becomes very limited.  Would it be possible to get us the information in advance, so our team can review it?  That will afford us the opportunity to be better prepared, so to maximize the time set aside for ...

  • Byron, I can coordinate a presentation on the PEC road map for you.  There have been many enhancements to the platform this year and more are planned for 2019. I will contact you so we can plan a session to discuss what specific enhancements could benefit ...

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