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  • We're proud to announce a new PureEngage Cloud -specific dashboard on the Genesys Knowledge Network. This is our latest step toward  eliminating unnecessary confusion brought about by sifting through On-Premises info when looking for Cloud-relevant content. ...

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  • I already passed this on to the appropriate team. I'll keep you posted with any news. Thanks again, Clay ------------------------------ Clay Tison Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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  • Hi Byron, I'll definitely share this request with the Product Ideas Lab team. I agree that this is past due. I'll keep you posted. Thank you, Clay ------------------------------ Clay Tison Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Clay, When I select : from 'My Support' it defaults to PureCloud.   How do we go about changing the default to PureEngage Cloud? ------------------------------ Byron Nelson Customer Ops System Administrator OGE Energy Corp PureEngage Cloud since ...

  • Clay, Slowly but surely, the dream of PEC being excepted as an equal may come true.  :) Now see post 'The need for a PureEngage Cloud Product Lab'. Thanks ------------------------------ Byron Nelson Customer Ops System Administrator OGE Energy Corp ...

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