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    Speechminer Timeouts

    Looking for input if anyone else has issues with Speechminer timing out while using it? You can be in the middle of an evaluation or reviewing a call. With no warning you get knocked out and asked to log back in.  As always thanks in advance! #QualityManagement ...

  • Hi Kevin, Thank you for the instruction, appreciate it. I will pass it to the package team. ------------------------------ Vincent Sabolboro ATB Financial ------------------------------

  • That company says they will not handle any 800 numbers in their FAQ's: What will you not do? Handle any CNAM requests related to cell phone, residential, 800, 900 or non-US numbers. ------------------------------ Austin Brigham WHIRLPOOL ...

  • The problem is that only around 1/3 of carriers purchase updates from CNAM services.  So ultimately you don't have 100% end to end control. However there are services that will address updates to CNAM on your behalf, so for those carriers who do purchase ...

  • Has anyone found out how to change the CNAM (callerID Name) displayed to the receiving party?  We too have multiple CIDs defined depending on the line of business, agent group or Outbound Dialer campaign but they are only digits.  We wish to display a ...

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