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  • Hi All, I am fairly new to PureEngage cloud and appreciate any help on the following queries Assume I have only IVR functionality setup in PureEngage cloud (Either as Enterprise IVR or PaSS) and rest of the capabilities are on-premise based (PureEngage). ...

  • thanks Monique, there does not appear to be a 2nd leg with our emergency recording (announcement) ------------------------------ Ben Ulugia Qsuper ------------------------------

  • hmmm. Just for the heck of it, can you try your emergency recording and see if the 2nd leg is there? ------------------------------ Monique Morel-Peseski System Administrator Messer Canada Inc. ------------------------------

  • thanks for getting back to me Monique: responses below: What are the search parameters that you are using? Our search parameters are correct that it brings up the call in its entirety and we can hear the conversation from end to end. 1a. Do ...

  • Hi folks I am implementing a new IVR input (very basic DTMF). How can I easily pull reports (into excel) on how many just listened to the instructions vs chose option 2? The input msg goes something like this: To reset your password do this.....blah ...

  • Hi Tom What reporting package are you using? Gi2 or GCxi? In Gi2, it's the agent utilization report. Choose outbound as your interaction type ------------------------------ Monique Morel-Peseski System Administrator Messer Canada Inc. ------------- ...

  • 1. What are the search parameters that you are using? 1a. Do you see the 2nd leg of the call? You maybe just pulling agent 1 part of the conversation .. Silly question, but can you normally export recordings from that second agent? It maybe a permissioning ...

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    Eport Call Recording

    Hi all, if anyone can assist would be grateful. I have an inbound call, it has split into two interactions in genesys recording. So two different agents with a call transfer. one is 36 mins, one is 17 minutes. you cannot get the 17 minutes exported. ...

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