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  • Tell us your cloud services dream… https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T3MWKGD Genesys Cloud is all about great cloud services that you can use with any of our products and solutions. Help us help you with this quick 8-question ...

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    RE: Xperience19

    Kevin, Good to hear from you.  I hope to meet as many as time will allow, either as a group or individually.  My belief is that,  the more of us that can get together the more we will all get out of this conference.   Thanks, ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Xperience19

    Byron, The DevCon breakouts for PureEngage will mostly be focused on PEC.  The breakouts you have listed would be very good for you to attend if you want to learn how to integrate to or customize your PEC applications. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Xperience19

    Clay, This is very helpful,  I am passing it on to the other member of my party that will be going to the Xperience breakouts.  I will be following the DevCon track.   Using "Pure Engage" that had keywords like Cloud, Web, or listed any piece we use ...

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    RE: Xperience19

    Byron, We are still waiting for access to the Xperience 19 app, but want to let you know that two of us from Banner Health will be attending and we're on PEC. ------------------------------ Kevin Brown Customer Experience Centers Chief Architect Banner ...

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