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  • Not with Pulse.  I am aware of a third party company that provides this and much more using the Genesys API, but Pulse doesn't have this functionality. ------------------------------ Kevin Brown Customer Experience Centers Chief Architect Banner Health ...

  • We are trying to determine if there is anything in the PureEngage Cloud platform that will generate alerts to Team Leads based on agent activity thresholds. (i.e. Call Duration, Time in State, etc) Any success stories appreciated!  Thanks in Advance. ...

  • Hi Bethany, Thank you for the information. ------------------------------ Vincent Sabolboro ATB Financial ------------------------------

  • Yes, that's very consistent with our experience lately.  I don't know that we've ever opened a case as we were told it's normal behavior. ------------------------------ Bethany Han Business Application Expert Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC ----------- ...

  • Curious what your normal time is to wait from making a change in Agent Setup and GAX to seeing the change apply. It's been quite a sore spot with my team, and today while recreating many bugs in WWE9 I've wasted nearly half a day applying changes to Agent ...

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