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In this Education Special, Manager Matt meets with Jeff and Sheela to walkthrough Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program
! There might just be a Certification Exam giveaway, so make sure to watch it through! 👀

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  • In this episode, Community Manager Matt meets with Jeff Ritter and Sheela Sridharan to discuss Genesys'  Beyond training site  and certification program!  Make sure to watch the full episode to learn how to win a free Genesys certification exam ! ...

  • We're trying to answer a question about whether we can support integration with the cloud iWD at present (we already use the PSDK today), but the documentation is rather light on implementation details. #Integrations ------------------------------ ...

  • You asked and we listened!  Attached you will find a peek into the activity and progression of Genesys Engage Ideas from Q4 2019.  Can't wait to see you post your thoughts on the report and suggestions of metrics you would like to see in the future.  ...

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    Call Transcriptions

    Has anyone developed a process to capture the transcriptions of a call?    We do have the audio for all calls through SpeechMiner; we now have a separate need to use the transcripts of these calls for a separate project (outside of Genesys).  Genesys' ...

  • Thanks, But Genesys do not seem to want to give us Permissions or the details on how to resolve this our selves. Looks liek they want ot do this for us for free. - NICE! ------------------------------ Sean Mahon Telstra Corporation Ltd ------------ ...

  • The Interaction HAndling Attempt report will also show "pure" outbound calls,. The TO field will be the number dialled by the agent. However, if you agents are configured to Use RouteBased Actions for  "TypeDestination" then the outbound requests are ...

  • I believe this is a permissions issue. ------------------------------ Austin Brigham WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION ------------------------------

  • You are correct.  These kinds of calls are classified as "NONE" in the queue.  You can look at them under the agent based reports, if they consult while on the call, instead of just directly dialing out from team communicator.  The only way I can see ...

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