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  • Hi, Was curious if anyone has setup agents to use SIP Softphones and hot desks and how that was accomplished? #SIP/VolP ------------------------------ Dan Fontaine ------------------------------

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  • No we have not found a resolution.  I found this in the browser logs: main.js?version=:2 2018-10-30 15:29:04.491 [DEBUG] [WWE.Main.Agent] new message added main.js?version=:2 2018-10-30 15:29:04.495 [DEBUG] [WWE.Main.MyMessagesView] Display ...

  • ​Hi Byron, Curious if you ever found a resolution to this.  We've had this same issue come up now with some of our WFH users and we've just started working with Customer Care. ------------------------------ Bethany Han Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC ...

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  • Is there a simple way to retreive the same informations that can be found under the Peformance -> Interactions view. (Phone, agent, datetime, wrapup, queue, campaign, outbound_contact_id). We would like to be able to export the data, and ideally, ...

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  • Winter '18 includes a complete view of new capabilities and innovations across the entire Genesys portfolio. This webinar will provide you with an overview of the Winter 2018 Innovations with details on our strategy, and give you access to breakout sessions ...

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