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  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Hey everyone! The newest episode of the Genesys Cloud Community Q&A Show provides a great overview of SMS and covers some FAQs that everyone can benefit from. We are including the video and a text of the questions/answers. SMS (texting) regulations ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Dear Team, We are using the Gplus adapter for ServiceNow UTAH. The Adapter has the following prerequisites: Engage Cloud must be enabled. ServiceNow with the OpenFrame plugin must be installed. In the open-frame setup after ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    We would like to set different secondary statuses based on division. However division dropdown only shows "All" or "Production". I have searched in community channels as well as knowledge base but cannot find any information why this would be the case. ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Is there a way to download call transrcripts only in bulk. I know that this can be done individually. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ Mark Heili Generac Power Systems, Inc. ------------------------------

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Currently we have only option to download reports in the form of either csv or pdf, it would be good if we can have an option to download directly in excel format. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ satish hatti Infosys McCamish ...

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