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  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Hi All We are facing increasing issues in Ireland with our Outbound calls been marked as Spam and not connecting. Has anyone faced this issue and had a fix implemented. Please share your thoughts and outcomes Thanks Derek #Outbound(CXContact) ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Hey everyone! The newest episode of the Genesys Cloud Community Q&A Show provides a great overview of SMS and covers some FAQs that everyone can benefit from. We are including the video and a text of the questions/answers. SMS (texting) regulations ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Dear Team, We are using the Gplus adapter for ServiceNow UTAH. The Adapter has the following prerequisites: Engage Cloud must be enabled. ServiceNow with the OpenFrame plugin must be installed. In the open-frame setup after ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    We would like to set different secondary statuses based on division. However division dropdown only shows "All" or "Production". I have searched in community channels as well as knowledge base but cannot find any information why this would be the case. ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Is there a way to download call transrcripts only in bulk. I know that this can be done individually. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ Mark Heili Generac Power Systems, Inc. ------------------------------

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