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  • I will ask our channel manager, Thank you for your support. ------------------------------ Haikun Shi eSoon China Limited ------------------------------

  • Please can you direct your request to your Local Genesys Partner Manager,  We have a process to allow early access to Beta Software.  This will be a formal process and your local Genesys Partner Contact should be able to assist.   Hope this helps? Best ...

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  • Hello,     Have a nice day!     Can we try out Genesys MultiCloud CX Private Edition before GA, where to download the Images now? Thank you. #Implementation ------------------------------ Haikun Shi eSoon China Limited ---------------- ...

  • I have created routing logic in my Designer application that sends the call to a specific mailbox (which has been assigned to a virtual agent group). This piece is working. I reach the mailbox and I am able to leave a message. However, my test agent is ...

  • With workspace nodejs api, after sending agent not ready with reason code request. The "DnStateChanged" event received with  empty reasons array. //msg.mode = null & msg.code = 'Lunch' workspaceClient.voice.notReady(msg.mode, msg.code).then(()=>{return ...

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  • We want to do Screen recording for Backoffice interaction such as  IWD  CHAT EMAIL  SOCIAL   does anyone know what products might be able to help us? ie we are currently using Genesys Recording but it does not support back office/digital  interaction.  ...

  • Hello Trista,     Got it, many thanks. ------------------------------ Joseph Ma ------------------------------

  • Joseph, You are correct. The API's for Genesys Multicloud CX Private Edition are the same as Genesys Multicloud CX SaaS. API documentation can be found here: ------------------------------ Trista Criswell ...

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