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  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Cressida, I'm afraid that Genesys Cloud probably doesn't have the native capability to scan attachments for content. However, you can most likely get some inspiration from this Blueprint and modify it to also scan attachments: ...

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  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Just to add, I've been able to use Result = G.GetDNIS(Data.Current_Status.Value) to get the DNIS value, but that isn't suitable. ------------------------------ Christopher Hopper Royal Mail ------------------------------

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Hi, apologies if this isn't the correct place to ask, but is there a way to show what kind of a call an agent is currently on via Pulse? i.e. display either the DN/Agent Group/Skill related to the active interaction? #ArchitectureandDesign ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Hello- In my search I was not able to find anything on this topic. Can someone assist or provide the link(s) to any of the articles. We are adding skill based routing to our emails for the back office associates. Our customer base sends in attachments ...

  • Posted in: PureEngage Cloud

    Abdul, My experience with Genesys Multicloud (and Engage) is a little rusty, but I believe it still applies. I'm going to give you details from the On-premise Engage platform, but those can be applied to Multicloud either via Administrator or via Genesys ...

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