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  • Hi guys hopefully this is an easy one.  Using Preview for outbound - Is there a way to split first and second attempts calls into seperate lists? #Outbound ------------------------------ Ben  ------------------------------

  • Happy November, Genesys Multicloud CX Cloud Community!  Our Community Team is happy to announce the winner of the Mascot Design Challenge: Genius.   Genius stares right into your eyes; he's ready to get mischievous! This curious monkey ...

  • Hey Genesys Multicloud CX Cloud Community,  Swinging by to remind you that tomorrow is the last day to vote in our Mascot Design Poll!  Help us select Genesys Casual 's symbol of networking, collaboration, and most importantly fun.  Just by ...

  • Hi Slava, John's organization is on Engage Cloud Platform. They use GCXI for reporting ------------------------------ Ibiyemi Togun Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hello Monique, How it is going with your Chat setup? Let me share top-level ideas regarding Chat and Designer. The chat widget is just a js file that is configured to be connected to a certain Chat endpoint configured in Designer (same as RP for Voice). ...

  • Hello Hou, Comparing WFM, Pulse, and Historical reporting is an exciting challenge. As you mentioned, different apps have different ways of collecting and accumulating data. It all depends on the parameter that you are focusing on, however, with Service ...

  • Hey there, Genesys Community! Our team invites you to vote for our official Mascot Design for Genesys Casual. It's our dedicated space for Genesys Professionals to get to know each other beyond their favorite product lines. This mascot will be a symbol ...

  • Hi John, We've experienced something similar and have found when our agents, who are skilled for both voice and email, have an email sitting in their email channel, this has prevented that agent from getting calls for several minutes to even an hour ...

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