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- Education Special -

In this Education Special, Manager Matt meets with Jeff and Sheela to walkthrough Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program
! There might just be a Certification Exam giveaway, so make sure to watch it through! 👀

- Topics Discussed in Episode

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  • For those who may not have seen it on the main genesys.com page, There is a new Genesys Rapid Response program which gives Genesys Engage premises customers 90 days of free access to a Genesys Cloud organization with basic setup, to help with enabling ...

  • In this episode, Community Manager Matt meets with Jeff Ritter and Sheela Sridharan to discuss Genesys'  Beyond training site  and certification program!  Make sure to watch the full episode to learn how to win a free Genesys certification exam ! ...

  • Hi Giuliano, The Genesys SIP Endpoint software does have the capability to send the VQ data to OVOC.  In the SipEndpint.config file there is a configuration item called VQ report which can be enabled as follows: <setting name="vq_report_publish" value="1"/> ...

  • Check out the QoS requirements here. Jitter, especially with a vpn, is usually more the killer https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/SP/latest/dep/Deployment ------------------------------ Jason McLennan Commonwealth Bank of Australia ------------- ...

  • You can also display the dbid of any object in GAX if you tick the box under Configuration in your user settings. ------------------------------ Jason McLennan Commonwealth Bank of Australia ------------------------------

  • See the options about Producing RTCP Extended Reports https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/SESN/8.5.2/Developer/ConfiguringforNET#Producing_RTCP_Extended_Reports ------------------------------ Jason McLennan Commonwealth Bank of Australia --- ...

  • The default confserv application object that comes with the Config DB base initialization script has DBID 99. Unless we delete (not recommended) this application object, the Primary config server's application object's DB ID remains as 99. The CME startup ...

  • Hi, I'm looking for some guidance here. With more agents working from home in the recent days, there has been a constant complaint about intermittent loss of audio and poor voice quality (even when agents are using wired headsets). I would like to know ...

  • Hi, Thank you for all the responses. The agent informed me that the issue fixed itself after 2 days which is very strange. There were no changes made on the agent's desktop or to his profile. There was a CRM integration running but no changes were made ...

  • Here is one way using Configuration Manager. Create a new shortcut to launch the application. Add a parameter of -d to the Target for the shortcut e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\GCTI\Configuration Manager\sce.exe" -d Start Config Manager using this new ...

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