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  • Hello, does anyone know how to configure WDE to connect to an configserver upgrade port? The connection on an unsecured port is working, but with an secured port the message "cannot upgrade connection to TLS" appears. Thanks, #ArchitectureandDesign ...

  • Laurie, I believe the functionality you're looking for is a Two-Step or Consult Transfer.  That is certainly a supported transfer model with Genesys and Audiocodes. ------------------------------ Ivan Ullmann Eventus Solutions Group --------------- ...

  • ​We are in the process of upgrading our platform, still staying with on-premise equipment but moving from a PBX environment to SIP with AudioCodes SBC.  Our current PBX does not allow for a conference feature that our end users want to have.  The scenario ...

  • How can we easily export/import the WFM objects from one environment to other environment having different config servers.IS there any wizard tool that can move all of the objects in the WFM portal (agent properties etc) #Unsure/Other ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, in case you are using GVP, you can configure Speech Resources on GVP as described in  https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/GVP/85/GDG/CGCGC#PSR . In this case you do not need to take care about the TTS Server in GAAP/GIA,  MCP is instructed ...

  • Hi Ivan, Thanks, it's works ------------------------------ Holger Scheer Dimension Data Germany AG & Co. KG ------------------------------

  • I'm not aware of any function that would make TTS play back on demand for preview.  I think the only way to listen to the TTS would be to call it and have it play it back to you. -Ivan ------------------------------ Ivan Ullmann Eventus Solutions Group ...

  • Thank you Ivan.What settings do we have to make on the server, so that we can use the TTS.Also, when I select the preview prompt,it doesn't playback the prompt.DO we have to do any configuration changes for it to work? ------------------------------ ...

  • Finally was able to achieve this. Here's how to do it: Iterated through Application.Current.Windows[0] for System.Windows.Controls.Button until I find "toButton" and disabled it. Did the same to "toTextBox" (System.Windows.Controls.TextBox). ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you Jody.I have gone through this.Doesnt have details on how do we use the TTS for the prompt.What settings do we have to make on the server, so that we can use the TTS. ------------------------------ Niharika Chennamadhav Global Technology Solutions, ...

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