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  • Hi All, Thanks all for replying. After analyzing WDE logs we found that UCS is sharing the text and structuredtext column value to WDE properly. For displaying purpose WDE picked up the structured text column.  Because: 1. If structuredtext column ...

  • HI  Stefano Tassinari, Real time report can be achieved only on the bases of VQ. It's very common and simple in Voice platform.  But when it comes to Multimedia it's quit difficult. Still we have function in IRD called "CallsEntered" can you please ...

  • no, only scripts for email interactions :-( ------------------------------ Stefano Tassinari Indra Italia spa ------------------------------

  • Is there a common VQ that you could report on? ------------------------------ Andrew Soroka Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Strongly recommend to check logs of WDE, IXN and UCS covering the issue to find out where the "issue" begins/arises. Due to the fact inbound emails are touched by this issue it does seems like WDE issue for me. ------------------------------ Jakub Němec ...

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    RE: GIR recording

    Supervisor coaching or whispering is not related to the GIR solution at all and you can achieve that in (out of box) Workspace Desktop Edition without any additional development or effort (except the configuration :)) ------------------------------ Jakub ...

  • thanks for your answer, our real problem is for real time monitoring. ------------------------------ Stefano Tassinari Indra Italia spa ------------------------------

  • Right, this is a good solution for historical reporting, the real problem is in real time. In any case, thank you for your reply ------------------------------ Stefano Tassinari Indra Italia spa ------------------------------

  • You should customize the WDE to achieve this functionality. once the agent hangup event occurs, customize WDE to initiate a blind transfer to a RP/Survey IVR. ------------------------------ Sivakumar Natarajamoorthy, Genesys Certified Professional, Dubai. ...

  • If have the newer versions of ICON & GIR, pass the campaign Name as attached data in the call and it is automatically sent to SpeechMiner/GIR as Metadata. You wouldn't need any additional configurations. ------------------------------ Sivakumar Natarajamoorthy, ...

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