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  • Team, Thanks for your helpful reply.  Now the role based control is working fine. Super pulse admins Pulse admins Users In Object based control, On the particular object properties, Under accessible objects --> It displays all the users. With the full ...

  • Sowmya, The problem is that you're not using a terminator digit to tell the system the difference between a 6 and 7 digit entry.  If someone's entering 6 digits, then immediately trying to navigate a menu, the IVR can't tell the difference because to ...

  • thank you both for your reply, I am using IRD and tried using "Clear Digits", "Plying Silence" and allowing max digits to 7 and min to 6. Still its taking extra digits. ---------------------------- Thanks, Sowmya

  • Like a filter? Not at WDE side unfortunately... You would have to develop a custom Plug-in for that. Yet... Doesn't make much sense to have all of them... Yet, it is interesting request. Maybe also open a FR to support. ------------------------------ ...

  • Without logs it is impossible to know what you are doing or how your MCP is configured/behaving. ------------------------------ Jorge Cornejo VS Telecom LTDA. ------------------------------

  • You need to deny read access to the folders/objects you want to deny access to. There is no automatic propagation, well unless you left the checkbox enabled when doing the permissions modifications. ------------------------------ Jorge Cornejo VS Telecom ...

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  • If you are using Composer then do what Rene indicates. If you are using IRD, try to do pause at the strategy or control the CED[] values. ------------------------------ Jorge Cornejo VS Telecom LTDA. ------------------------------

  • Hi, Use "Clear Buffer" option on the Menu block to clear the key-ahead buffer (see more details in Composer's help). ------------------------------ Rene Wagner OmniHouse s.r.o. ------------------------------

  • Team, Please provide your helpful suggestion in this access for agent groups or access groups. Thanks, Anandapriyan.R ------------------------------ Anandapriyan Ravichandran Pointel (formerly Touch Point) ------------------------------

  • Hello, I have an issue as below and any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Issue:  "Extra digit passing as the next menu option" in IVR when the user enters the account number with an extra digit (User enters either 6 or 7 digit as the account number) ...

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