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  • All good things must come to an end. Following the acquisition of Bold360 from LogMeIn, the overall Genesys strategy has always been to move features from Bold360 to the Genesys Cloud platform. We've followed through on that initiative, ...

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  • Hi Nicole, I checked with the team on this, and they weren't able to come up with an immediate answer. I'd open a support ticket on this ( ) so someone could directly assist you ...

  • Hi Arianna, You should be good without adding all the misspellings and plural/singular variants. That said, some dramatic misspellings might not get caught. The good news is there is a tool called Knowledge Optimizer (similar to Voices for DX/Bold360) ...

  • Get your hands in the air like you just don't care because we have an exciting exclusive just for you ! The Genesys Rockstars are here to reveal fan-worthy details that make them headliners in the Genesys community and in life! But first, a little ...

  • Hi Heather, In addition to what Richard said, here is an article that talks about Instant Feedback, which does cover some of the basics and how to disable it as well: ...

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