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  • All good things must come to an end. Following the acquisition of Bold360 from LogMeIn, the overall Genesys strategy has always been to move features from Bold360 to the Genesys Cloud platform. We've followed through on that initiative, ...

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  • As part of the decommissioning of the Bold360 platfor m , there are actions that will require customer-action to remove code from the websites, pages, and domains where Bold360 code is implemented . The functionality of this code will cease ...

  • Hi Peter, Sorry for the delay, was gathering details on this. From talking with the team first I will attest to this being confusing. Essentially, it's a bitmask. So, you need to look at the number in binary to get something like 1011110011 for ...

  • Hey all, Just a reminder that we are running the "Big Game Prop Bets" challenge until noon (12pm est) on February 11t h, so make sure you get those polls answered! We can't wait to watch the game and see who comes out as the winner! ------------------------------ ...

  • We loving having fun in the Genesys Community. How you may ask? -We've got Super Bowl Prop Bets going on. Head over to answer the polls best you can. After the Big Game, which aires Sunday Feb. 11th , we'll see who got most of the answers ...

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