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  • Hey Everyone! Welcome to the DX Community! We are excited to have you join for us for the launch. Once you are in, please introduce yourself, ask any questions that have been on your mind, or share some DX advice that has helped you along the ...

  • Hey everyone, To celebrate the new community, holidays, and DX, our Principal Product Manager Coty Smith has volunteered to spend this entire week answering YOUR QUESTIONS! Consider it a little gift from us to you. Please, throw some hard stuff at this ...

  • In addition to what was outlined by Taras, there is also a feature inside the platform that allows users to send themselves a transcript.  This is done through logging into the Genesys DX Admin Center. From here, go to Channels > Chat > Chat Windows. ...

  • A variety of different languages are supported across the different AI functions.  For the conversational widgets , the following are supported: Dutch English French German Hebrew Hindi Norwegian Spanish Turkish For the search ...

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  • Hey Rebecca, Found under Analytics in the AI Dashboard is the Traffic category. There are five charts here, along with an answered sessions tab that shows how many sessions have been answered through Genesys DX. The five charts and data found within ...

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