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    RE: WDE Crash

    The WDE is customized and issue comes from custom part, so you have to discuss it with responsible team or DEV owner. ------------------------------ Jakub Němec NTT Czech Republic s.r.o ------------------------------

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    WDE Crash

    Hello, I have an issue with WDE , it randomly happened that after receiving a Chat interaction and then another Whatsapp interaction came the WDE get freezing. There is need to restart PC in order to resume login WDE again. From WDE logs ...

  • Dear Vinod,  Thanks for your details. Both queries were already executed at DB (ConfDB) but when in run command ./, I was getting error as shared earlier. Changes which I made : Deleted the existing DB (ConfDB) and created new one as Config_DB ...

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  • Hello Shrikant, The problem seems to be with the Locale. 00:01:49.209 Std 07001 Database 'ConfDB' opened 00:01:49.309 Std 23600 Program exception : FATAL ERROR. Locale configured = 1033 Not Loaded!!! 00:01:49.309 Std 22905 Objectset [main-cfgset] ...

  • Hi, I assume that cfd DB is prepared and works fine - you can login in and review tables there ? Why in *.ini not used the same driver version ? Regards ------------------------------ Piotr Gordon Poland ---------------------------- ...

  • Hi Folks, I'm getting below error while starting my configuration server on my test environment. [root@shrikant Config_Server]# ./ Genesys Configuration Server. Version Copyright (c) 1997-2022 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, ...

  • Dear All, has somebody help with identifying this warning received in WDE during a whatsapp conversation, and also identified in BGS logs? '_umsResExtText'='Hub error. Try to send the message later', 'message-code'='902', 'message-text'='rejected by ...

  • I know this is an old post and I'm sure you've since moved on (without a doubt), but I noticed that no one mentioned using the URS Web API... Truly amazing what you can query from URS so long as your strategy is in control of the call. There's a TON of ...

  • Hello, I am working on a deployment for WDE v8.5 in citrix (xendesktop) with a standalone SIP endpoint installed on the local workstation. To start with we are connecting to citrix using a VPN. We have also configured the WDE sipendpoint 'standalone' ...

  • Hi Kelvin, I Sent you an email. cheers Andrew ------------------------------ Andrew Soroka Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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